Sharon Kleyne Passes 11 Year Milestone On VoiceAmerica Radio

Famous Water Guests stand Out on International Program. Listening to Kleyne & Friends Brings Water Alive.

Sharon Kleyne (the last name rhymes with Carolina) has been talking about water and the evaporation of the body and atmosphere for more than twenty years. For the lasteleven years, Kleyne reaches an international audience once a week through her nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Kleyne has always been a teacher, “and what better way to reach and teach others than through radio,” Kleyne said.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s already been eleven years on the air,” Kleyne exclaimed.

Sharon Kleyne begins each program with a thorough, crisp description of evaporation and the need for supplementation. Kleyne said that the human body begins a lifelong, natural process of evaporation the moment it exits the mother’s watery womb. “This process continues until death,” said Kleyne. However, Kleyne added, if humans don’t supplement their evaporated body-and-eye water vapor, they will suffer illness and early death. Kleyne believes that understanding the process of evaporation is essential to becoming more successfully proactive about one’s health and the health of the planet. .

“We have one precious planet,” Kleyne said. “We have one set of eyes. Doesn’t it make sense to keep them healthy?” That is why she founded Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and created (with her research center colleagues) Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water®, Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® and Bio-Med Wash®. Since then, Kleyne’s products have saved thousands of lives and provided relief and improved skin health and eye health for millions of people around the world. Kleyne’s globally patented products have been endorsed by thousands of ophthalmologists, optometrists, internists, dentists, military personnel and first responders everywhere. And in recent weeks, Kleyne was proud to announce the release of Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® in China, the country with the world’s largest population and the greatest number of sufferers of dry eye disease and blindness. “We’re convinced,” said Kleyne, “that Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® will bring great relief to long-suffering Chinese victims of these and other ocular ailments.”

Looking back on her radio program, Kleyne reminisced about the stellar cast of characters that have appeared as her special guests each week. Kleyne recalled Dame Dr. Effie Chow, Qigong Grandmaster, Registered Public Health & Psychiatric Nurse, California and nationally-licensed Acupuncturist and frequent guest and Rose Hong, Executive Director of Global Dragon TV; Dr. Yuan Fang, M.A. of the Bio Chemistry Research Center in China; Chief Climatologist L. DeWayne Cecil, Ph.D; Adetutu Ijose and Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, Ph.D. ,among many, many others.

Kleyne looks forward to broadcasting the truth about water, new water research and new water technology and new water lifestyles now and in the decades ahead to an ever-growing, devoted listening audience. “Have we made progress,” Kleyne asked, “in our effort to educate everyone in the world about the global water crisis and what one can do to be healthy? Yes, but we have far more to do.” As she has proved many times, Kleyne is up to the challenge. Indeed, she relishes it. As she often does, Kleyne asked that people “please resolve to take greater charge of your health, especially your eyes and the precious gift of sight. You only have two eyes,” Kleyne reminds us. She also encourages listeners to share the good news about her radio program and encourage others to tune in. “Little by little,” saidd Kleyne, “we will win the fight against skin and eye diseases in the U.S., in China and all over the world.”

Cold Or Hot? What Water Should You Drink?

Sharon Kleyne Asks Does Cold Water Help You Lose Weight? Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Examines Theories About Drinking Water.

International water educator Sharon Kleyne has urged people for more than two decades to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day as part of her lead-in to her syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. “I also tell people to drink those glasses all the way down and not sip from them,” Kleyne says, “because that’s how your body absorbs the most water.” And that’s the point. We are constantly losing body water vapor via the process of evaporation. To maintain excellent health, we need to supplement our bodies by drinking water every day. But what kind of water should we be drinking? What temperature is best?

Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson begins each day with a glass of warm water. Why? Because an Ayruveda specialist taught her that the body has an easier time absorbing warm water, which is close to its natural temperature. Ellingson also believes that warm water soothes the stomach. Ellingson is far from alone in these beliefs. It’s true that warm water breaks down food faster and usually results in a better bowel movement. Warm water can also purify your blood, increasing your body’s natural detoxification processes taking place in the skin, lymphatic system and kidneys. An added bonus, reported by many believers, is that drinking warm water will curb sugar cravings.

However, others believe just as strongly that cold water—even ice water—is preferable to and healthier than warm water. Ice water fans are quick to point out that a major benefit is weight loss. The body’s metabolism, they say, is triggered to work more strenuously when cold water is ingested. Think of it this way. If you jump into a cold shower, your metabolism can spike as much as 550 percent. That’s a lot! Advocates insist that the cold water makes your skin and hair glow and boosts your immune system.

Then there is the ice cream argument. Neuroscientists have proved that ice cream makes you happy by stimulating the orbitofrontal cortex, the ‘enjoy me’ track of the brain. If ice cream has this effect, scientists reason, then it’s likely that cold or ice water does, too. In addition, cold water will reduce the blood flow to your muscles and send them new, less lactic acid-filled blood. The benefit to you will be fewer aches and pains. Finally, cold water stimulates hormones and testosterone (despite the myth of taking a cold shower ‘to cool down’).

Kleyne sees both sides and cautions that everyone is different. “No two eyes alike, no two anything alike,” says Kleyne. “Everybody’s metabolism reacts differently to the evaporation process. The important thing,” she adds, “is to drink water—eight to ten glasses every day.”


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China Battles Known Carcinogen In Tap Water

Sharon Kleyne Applauds Chinese Efforts To Clean up Drinking Water. China Working Hard To Clean up Polluted Water.

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne loves China and is proud of the job the country is doing to clean up its tainted drinking water. Yet Kleyne knows it is a monumental task. “With its massive population of more than 1.3 billion,” said Kleyne, host of the syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, “and on the heels of its unprecedented growth in the last fifty years, maintaining fresh water supplies became more and more difficult.”

Indeed. According to a study conducted late last year at Tsinghua University, China’s tap water contains a dangerous amount of the carcinogen known as nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This carcinogen is a byproduct of the chlorination process the Chinese have used to make water safe for consumption. But water testing revealed that China’s NDMA levels were 3.6 times those in the U.S. and even more than those in Europe.

As a result, most Chinese do not drink tap water, though many still use it in cooking. Researcher say that even cooking with tap water is dangerous. Neither water filters nor boiling are effective in neutralizing the NDMA. Experts point to the necessity to chlorinate ground water, which is so contaminated in China that 80 percent of it is not fit for human use of any kind.

Much of this groundwater has become polluted over the last several decades due to unregulated industrial waste and poor agriculture practices, but China is working to reverse this situation. Stricter regulations prevent the kind of rampant industrial pollution that took place decades ago and agriculture has begun to veer away from excessive reliance on chemicals.

“It will take time,” said Kleyne, “but I’ve no doubt that China will solve this water crisis.” Experts in China agree, though they add that it will take diligence and patience because the damage is so extensive. They note that infrastructure, especially costly new water pipes, must also be part of the long-term solution. “We face some of the same issues in the U.S.,” said Kleyne, “especially with regard to replacing water pipes. Just ask the people of Flint, Michigan.”


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Contaminated Water Vapor Makes You Sick Says Sharon Kleyne

Water Educator Sharon Kleyne Warns Against Polluted Humidity. Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Says Thick Dirty Air Can Kill.

No one wants to breathe polluted air, of course, but most people do so all the time. When people think of it at all, mostly they think that there is nothing much they can do about it so they just try to ignore it. Water advocate Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® disagrees yet is also concerned about an even greater potential danger—the effect pollution has on the air’s natural humidity.

The air’s natural humidity is the invisible, suspended water vapor droplets that create weather and allow people and all other life forms to breathe the water-rich air that is necessary to all life. This relationship between humidity, air pollution and dehydration has long been a major focus of Kleyne’s scientific research. At Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Kleyne’s water research center has developed Natures Tears® EyeMist®, the company’s global signature product for dry eye disease and dry skin. As part of an ongoing commitment to educating the public about water and health, Kleyne also hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show sponsored by Natures Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica.

Kleyne’s research shows that direct absorption of water vapor droplets from the air constitutes a significant percentage of the body’s total water intake. The more humid and cleaner the air, Kleyne explains, the more direct surface absorption will occur. Conversely, evaporating water may also be lost through the body’s surface if the humidity is too low or the air’s water vapor/humidity content is overly contaminated. Kleyne cites BJ Mason’s The Physics of Clouds (Oxford, 2010) to show that airborne particulate matter, whether naturally occurring or human-made, tends to attract and accumulate the minute water droplets entering the air as evaporated or “gasified” water.”If the air is contaminated,” says Kleyne, “the humidity will also be contaminated.”

According to Kleyne, sulfur dioxide and carbon black, two common pollutants, are particularly nasty when combined with water vapor. Pollutants such as sulfur dioxide can chemically alter the water so that it is less beneficial when it lands on the body surface. Also, carbon black soot, fly ash and other pollutants are desiccants that have a dehydrating effect when they land on the body or lungs, interfering with the body’s surface absorption of water vapor. Kleyne wants to see more research into the relationship between humidity, dehydration and air pollution. No matter what the results of this research, she also advocates reducing the amount of pollution released into the air. Kleyne urges everyone to drink eight to ten full glasses of pure fresh water each day and to drink a whole glass at a time for maximum benefits of rehydration. Kleyne also suggests monitoring the daily air quality. If you must be out on an especially ‘dirty’ day, consider wearing a face mask.


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Global Water Educator Sharon Kleyne Knows Water Sustainability

Sharon Kleyne Teaches Water Sustainability on Radio Show Every Week. Life Is Impossible without Water Says Sharon Kleyne.

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne may know more about water than water knows about itself. Every week, her erudition is displayed on her nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Particularly at the beginning of each show, Kleyne likes nothing better than to take her listeners on “a little hike” back to the dawn of time. You don’t need a passport or an itinerary to make this journey; all you need is good listening skill and a desire to know. When you are ready, this is how it goes.

“Billions and billions of years ago in our living universe,” Kleyne begins, “a beautiful belt of blue substance hung tightly around the earth. This shimmering belt was made of water vapor (we call it atmosphere today). We’re not sure what,” Kleyne continued, “but suddenly something happened with earth and the universe and the water vapor changed. A process began that made the water vapor heavier and heavier until it turned to droplets and began to fall. The droplets—rain—fell and fell until the earth was inundated with fresh water. The planet’s atmosphere was also enriched, becoming charged with invisible water. This water inundation of earth,” said Kleyne, “combined with the sun’s rays, created life, including human life.” It’s this process, combined with the sun, that has always made life possible and has always sustained life on earth.

Next, the universe gifted planet earth with “the greatest miracle of all—human life”. According to Kleyne, the secret is the watery womb of all mothers. That water-world sustains and nurtures babies through their early developmental stages. When they emerge at birth, they immediately begin to breathe the life-giving water vapor in the air. “If you don’t breathe that water vapor,” said Kleyne, “you can’t sustain yourself.” This process has been true since the beginning of life on this planet.

This worked well for billions of years, but in our time and for the first time, the sustainability of water needs more than a little help from humans. Why? It’s because more fresh water is running off into the oceans where it can’t be used for agriculture or as drinking water. In addition, the precious water in the atmosphere is depleted by pollution. But Kleyne is no doom-and-gloom advocate. “People are here on earth to invent,” said Kleyne. “We’re problem solvers. Whatever your religion might be, you could say that God is in the water,” Kleyne continued. “Sustainability is how you keep up your prayer, you worship.”

What we need to do is slow down the evaporation process by capturing more rain water. Then we can allow a lot of it to seep down to replenish essential aquifers. Kleyne pointed out that our efforts must include repairs to existing infrastructure, new water research and new technology that makes water infrastructure a number one priority of governments and citizens alike.. “We need more dams and reservoirs,” said Kleyne, “and overall better systems to capture and direct water in appropriate amounts to where it is needed.”

Kleyne hopes that more and more people will join her on this necessary and exciting adventure to a new Water Life Science® lifestyle. Kleyne believes that we’re capable of making sure that there will be enough fresh water on earth for eternity.


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Sharon Kleyne Remembers When Health & Research Pioneers Found Cures For Sickness

Water Life Science® Researcher Sharon Kleyne Says We Need More Researchers Like Chick & Phelps. Sharon Kleyne Wonders Where Are the Cures for the 200-Plus Diseases That Plague People on Earth.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® likes to remind people that there was a time—until about 135 years ago—when health professionals were committed to finding cures for the illnesses and diseases that afflicted humankind. “Unfortunately,” said Kleyne, “money for such research dried up and the emphasis shifted to finding treatments that mask symptoms.”

As Kleyne continues her advocacy for a renewal of the ‘find a cure’ spirit in health care, she paused recently to honor two water pioneers, Henrietta Chick and Earle Bernard Phelps.

Henrietta Chick (1875-1977) was a celebrated British scientist and nutritionist who with Charles James Martin determined that the process of protein denaturation was distinct from protein flocculation. Their work launched what we now consider as the modern understanding of protein folding, which in turn led to Chick’s Law in 1908. This Law gave the relationship between the kill efficiency of organisms and contact time with a disinfectant. The Law, later modified by Dr. H. Watson became known as the Chick-Watson Equation, which is still used today. Chick served as secretary of the League of Nations health section committee on the physiological bases of nutrition from 1934 to 1937 and in ’41 became a founding member of the Nutrition Society. In 1915, Chick worked at Lister Institute in Elstree, testing and bottling tetanus antitoxin for the army. Later in 1922 at Lister Institute and the Medical Research Institute, Chick collaborated with Dr. Elsie Dalyell to study the relation of nutrition to bone disease. This work led to their discovery that there was a nutritional factor causing rickets. They proved that fat-soluble vitamins in cod liver oil or exposure to ultraviolet light could cure and prevent rickets in children. Chick remained at Lister Institute for over fifty years. Among additional achievements, she isolated vitamin C in a variety of fruits and vegetables. The anniversary of Chick’s death was just observed on July 9th.

Earle B. Phelps was born on July 10th, 1876 and died in 1953. Phelps was a chemist, sanitary expert and bacteriologist well known for contributions in sewage disinfection, water chlorination, shellfish control, sewage treatment and milk pasteurization. Phelps also described what is known as the “oxygen sag curve” in surface water bodies. In a long government and academic career, Phelps was instrumental in discovering a cure for Typhoid Fever in Trenton, New Jersey. As an assistant hydrographer for the U.S. Geological Survey, Phelps worked on the purification of industrial wastes and investigated stream pollution. Phelps also enjoyed a long career as a consultant on sanitary issues. He helped many cities resolve their issues with water treatment and sewage disposal. Phelps also designed and supervised the construction of many sewage purification plants including those at New York, Tarrytown, Rahway, New Jersey and Torono, Canada, among many others. Phelps was also a legendary teacher at MIT, Columbia University, Stanford University and the University of Florida at Gainesville.

“Pioneers in water research and medical cures like Henrietta Chick and Earle B. Phelps,” said Kleyne, “remind us where our priorities ought to lie and how they should line up. We need to get back in the business of curing illness,” Kleyne concluded, “ not just masking symptoms with more and more drugs.”


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Water Educator Sharon Kleyne Explains Evaporation

Water Life Science® Researcher Sharon Kleyne Shares Evaporation Facts. Sharon Kleyne Says Human Body Requires Fresh Water Supplementation.

“Nobody knows evaporation like Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. For more than two decades, Kleyne has taught people all over the planet about dehydration of body water vapor and the atmosphere caused by excessive evaporation. In many places in the world, this process is out of control.

Kleyne teaches us that “from the moment we leave our mother’s watery womb-world, we begin a process of evaporation that ends only at death. We become a sieve, if you will, unto death. Hope doesn’t keep us alive; the atmospheric and body water vapor do that.” This is especially important when combined with so many other unnatural factors—pollution, global warming, artificial environments—that all combine to speed up the evaporation process. Kleyne wants everyone to know that when we become over-evaporated—dehydrated—that diminishes our health and productivity. In other words, every aspect of a person’s life is potentially damaged by evaporation of water vapor. “The water vapor in earth’s atmosphere is itself a living being,” said Kleyne. “We need to breathe that water vapor in the atmosphere in order to stay alive.”

What is the key and how does this evaporation process work? According to the USGS Water Science School, “Evaporation is the primary pathway that water follows to move from the liquid state back into the water cycle as atmospheric water vapor.” Studies have shown that the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers provide nearly 90 percent of the moisture in the atmosphere via evaporation, with the remaining 10 percent contributed by plant transpiration. Since 70 percent of the earth is covered by oceans, that accounts for much of the water evaporation process. It’s also a miracle of nature that the amount of water evaporating from the ground to the atmosphere has traditionally balanced out with the amount of rainfall, which replenishes surface water and the aquifer. Yet other factors—pollution, artificial environments. air conditioning, central heating, global warming—threaten to upset the delicate natural balance of the earth’s water cycle. In other words, not enough water is going back into the atmosphere, sometimes, not enough water is going back into our bodies.

Kleyne asks that you check in on how you’re feeling today. Are your eyes red and itchy? Do they throb and hurt? Is your skin dry and flakey? Does it lack its characteristic elasticity? Are you run down? Do you lack your normal pep? Are you crabby and lashing out at others? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, the likely cause is dehydration due to evaporation. Global scientists and educators are waking up to this evaporation crisis, but more research and education programs, especially for children, are essential. As scientists and educators ramp up to provide this research and education, they would be wise to look to the work of Kleyne, herself a unique water and evaporation mentor. As Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, the discoverer of “fourth phase” water says, “When … cell water is even partially depleted, the cell becomes dehydrated. Dehydrated cells cannot function properly. Evidence suggests that this kind of dehydration may be a central factor in all kinds of diseases. Sharon (Kleyne) has a great capability to let the world understand this important concept and work toward amelioration.”


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