Be Proactive about Dry Eye Syndrome

Rebecca Petris (Poulsbo, WA),, “You Don’t Have to Suffer with Severe Chronic Dry eye.”

Rebecca Petris is Founder of Her problems with severe dry eye began following Lasik surgery. She could not find relief and she could not even find adequate dry eye education. The website was originally a forum for patients with severe post-Lasik dry eye but is now open to anyone with severe chronic dry eye.

Severe chronic dry eye is the #1 post-Lasik complication and the medical profession has virtually no effective treatment and offers little or no advance warning.

Dry eye can have multiple causes after an initial trigger – lifestyle, physical problems, allergies, office air, contact lenses. If the tear film is thin or unhealthy to begin with, the reaction to a trigger will be more severe.

Individuals with severe chronic dry eye usually cannot work at computers but computers can also be a trigger. The primary symptom of dry eye is burning. Regarding medications, there is virtually nothing available that is effective – eye drops can cause allergies, addiction and a worsening of the dryness. Vasoconstrictors (redness relievers) are also dehydrating.

According to Rebecca Petris, the cure for dry eye does not come in a bottle. The only helpful product, to date, is Nature’s Tears EyeMist, which adds only pH balanced water to dry eyes.

Rebecca has found non-medicinal products that can help significantly. She wears sunglasses indoors and out to reduce solar radiation (light can hurt if the tear film is thin). “Moisture retaining eyewear” is also available to help hold moisture around the eyes. She wears these devices when she can and also takes frequent breaks and applies frequent compresses to her eyes.