Evaporation Advice From Sharon Kleyne

Water Life Science® Creator Steps Up against Evaporation. Human Body Needs Supplementation of Fresh Water Says Kleyne.

“A little evaporation goes a long way,” said respected international water researcher Sharon Kleyne, “and a lot of evaporation—dehydration—can kill you.” Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, has taught people for more than two decades that evaporation in many situations worldwide is out of control.

Kleyne explained that “From the moment we leave our mother’s watery womb-world, we begin a process of evaporation that ends only at death. We become a sieve, if you will, unto death. Hope doesn’t keep us alive; the atmospheric and body water vapor does that.” This is critical news when so many unnatural factors—pollution, global warming, artificial environments—combine to speed up the evaporation process. Kleyne pointed out that when we become over-evaporated—dehydrated—that diminishes our health and productivity. In other words, every aspect of a person’s life is potentially damaged by evaporation of water vapor. “The water vapor in earth’s atmosphere is itself a living being,” said Kleyne. “We need to breathe that water vapor in the atmosphere in order to stay alive, yet we’re running the risk of drying out the atmosphere.”

How does evaporation work? According to the USGS Water Science School, “Evaporation is the primary pathway that water follows to move from the liquid state back into the water cycle as atmospheric water vapor. Studies have shown that the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers provide nearly 90 percent of the moisture in the atmosphere via evaporation, with the remaining 10 percent contributed by plant transpiration. Since 70 percent of the earth is covered by oceans, that accounts for much of the water evaporation process. It’s also a miracle of nature that the amount of water evaporating from the ground to the atmosphere has traditionally equaled the amount of rainfall, which replenishes the surface water. Yet other factors—pollution, artificial environments using air conditioning, global warming—threaten to upset the delicate natural balance of the earth’s water cycle.

Kleyne suggested taking an inventory of how you’re feeling today. Are your eyes red and itchy? Do they throb and hurt? Is your skin dry and flakey? Do you feel run down? Do you lack your normal pep? Are you crabby and lashing out at others?If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, you should be very interested to learn that the cause of all of these conditions is dehydration due to evaporation. Global scientists and educators are waking up to this evaporation crisis, but more research and education programs, especially for children, are desperately needed. As scientists and educators ramp up to provide this research and education, they would be wise to look to the work of Kleyne, herself a unique water and evaporation mentor. As Gerald H. Pollack, the discoverer of “fourth phase” water says, “When … cell water is even partially depleted, the cell becomes dehydrated. Dehydrated cells cannot function properly. Evidence suggests that this kind of dehydration may be a central factor in all kinds of diseases. Sharon (Kleyne) has a great capability to let the world understand this important concept and work toward amelioration.”

“We will be in big trouble soon if we don’t do a much better job educating the general public about evaporation and the water mist cycle,” Kleyne concluded. “We are playing a dangerous game if we go on allowing ourselves to be disabled by dehydration caused by excessive evaporation.”


What are your thoughts on dehydration caused by excessive evaporation? We’d like to hear from you! Please let us know.

Sharon Kleyne Asks: Is Atmospheric Evaporation Out of Control?

Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Asks What Do You Know about the Atmosphere. Sharon Kleyne Recommends Crash Course in Evaporation for Everyone.

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica, wants you to understand what is going on with earth’s atmosphere, which is mostly water.

Kleyne wants you to imagine water in a closed jar with air space over it. “This is a system of two phases,” Kleyne asserts. “Most of the water is in a liquid phase as a result of the mutual attraction of water molecules.” Kleyne goes on to explain that the molecules are constantly moving. Every now and then, a molecule in the liquid phase creates enough kinetic energy that it is able to break away from the liquid phase and enter the gas phase. The opposite is also true. A vapor molecule collides with the liquid surface and condenses into the liquid. “Now this is a key point to understand,” says Kleyne. “At equilibrium, evaporation and condensation processes exactly balance. There is no net change in the volume of either phase.”

The earth’s atmosphere is a lot like the liquid and gaseous phases in that water glass. Atmospheric collisions between water molecules allow some to condense and others to remain as vapor. “But maintaining some degree of equilibrium is crucial to the process,” says Kleyne. “This is where we need to develop new research and new water technology to save our atmosphere and our beleaguered planet.” Kleyne urges education as the way to make a difference. “The more we learn about water,” says Kleyne, “the closer to better health and a rosy future we’ll be.”

And what happens if the atmosphere completely evaporates? Kleyne makes it clear that you do not want to see that scenario come true because it will spell doom for every living creature on the earth.

Sharon Kleyne Revives Sir Edward Frankland’s Discoveries

Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Says Sir Edward Frankland Would Love Today’s Dry Eye Supplement. Water Purification Leader Frankland Would be Amazed by New Evaporation Technology.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice America, took to the air to remember the January 18th birthday of Sir Edward Frankland. “I mentioned his birthday to a friend last night,” Kleyne said, “and she had never heard of him! So, I thought, we need to remember.”

Sharon Kleyne, America’s leading water researcher and water advocate, speculated that Frankland would be amazed today by the new water research and technology related to body water evaporation and supplementation with pure water without chemicals. “In many critical ways,” Kleyne said, “Frankland laid the groundwork for our research center breakthroughs in dry eye relief and body water supplementation.”

Kleyne revealed that Sir Edward Frankland was an English chemist who through his research jumpstarted the field of structural chemistry. “And he did more than that,” Kleyne said. “Frankland invented the chemical bond, He was the father of valency (made public on the tenth of May 1852), which revealed that each kind of atom possesses a fixed capacity for combining with other atoms.” Kleyne added that Frankland studied organometallic compounds—hybrid molecules of the familiar organic non-metallic elements (such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus) with true metals. By 1850, he had prepared small organic molecules containing metals such as zinc.

“As a research scientist,” Kleyne said, “I find this all fascinating, but the layman might be confused and say, ‘what has this got to do with me?’ Well, if you like your clean, healthy water, it has everything to do with you! Frankland applied his theoretical discoveries directly to water analysis,” Kleyne continued, “and because of his water purification investigations and national service as a water analyst, he was knighted in 1897. So,” Kleyne concluded, “when you’re supplementing your dry eye symptoms with a pure water mist or your dehydrated body or enjoying that delicious, healthy glass of water today, you might give a kind thought and imagine saying thank you to Sir Edward Frankland!”

Kleyne enjoys an international reputation as the global expert on dehydration of earth’s fresh water and dehydration of the eyes and skin as a result of the excessive evaporation of the body’s water vapor. “From the moment we leave our mother’s water-womb and are born,” Kleyne reveals, “we begin to evaporate/ We dry out in a process that continues until we die. In order to sustain excellent health and prolong life,” Kleyne continued, “one must supplement eyes and skin on a daily basis. This must be done to replenish the evaporating water vapor.”

Sharon Kleyne, who founded Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® more than two decades ago, says she is aggressively stepping up her efforts to educate people about the dangers and supplementation of dry eye disease, the current global water crisis and the health dangers associated with dehydration due to excess evaporation of the earth’s and the body’s water vapor. As she loves to do, Kleyne encourages people to experience a new, healthy Water Life Science® lifestyle and visit http://www.biologicaqua.com for more information. “I am committed,” says Kleyne, “to new water research vapor. Dry eye symptoms include blurred vision, redness, burning, itching, stinging, a gritty sensation and watery eyes. These symptoms are triggered by a number of causes including pollution, allergies, post-menopausal changes, windy conditions, computer use, reading, television viewing and artificial environments (air conditioning, central heating).

“In the spirit of Sir Edward Frankland,” Sharon Kleyne told her audience, “we need to step up new water research and new technology discoveries to defeat conditions like dry eye disease and excessive loss of body water due to evaporation.” Kleyne encouraged listeners to weigh in with their own thoughts and opinions. “Read this blog and get in touch with us,” Kleyne said. “We want to know what you think.”

Sharon Kleyne Says That Earth Is Too Dry

Water Life Science® Lifestyle Creator Sharon Kleyne Fights Dryness. Water Research Leader Sharon Kleyne Sounds Warns Against Dry Earth.

Sharon Kleyne has been the primary global opponent of Dryness for over two decades, and she has no intention of letting up now. Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America, sounds the alarm that our beautiful blue planet earth is drying up at a frightening rate. “I’ve conducted groundbreaking research, discovered new water technology and fought endless battles against dryness of the body and of the earth itself,” Kleyne says, “yet we are still in a perilous position when it comes to our ability to sustain life on this planet.”

“As fresh ground water and atmospheric water diminish,” says Sharon Kleyne, “and pollution runs rampant, precious, life-giving moisture fights a losing battle. It needs our help. When the atmosphere’s water vapor over-evaporates,” Kleyne continues, “the body’s defenses become compromised, threatening health with a laundry list of diseases and maladies.” Kleyne points out that dryness and evaporation lead to dry eye disease, allergies, skin conditions, organ stress and failure, sleeplessness, fatigue, cancer, diabetes and many other afflictions that will not only ruin your day but may eventually end your life.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, wants everyone to know that the solutions to our health problems lie in the water itself. “We have got to get the government to come up with plans and realistic timetables to protect surface water,” Kleyne says. “We can’t keep sitting on our hands while watching it runs right off into the oceans. We need to build up the water reserves below the surface, too” Kleyne adds, “so we can make sure that every child, woman and man has enough clean water.”

Sharon Kleyne is America’s leading water researcher and new water technology expert. She has taught millions of people around the world about earth’s water vapor (we cannot breathe without it) and the body’s water vapor (if we dry out too much, we die). Yet, she is frustrated by what she perceives as general apathy about the situation. “People have a tendency,” Kleyne said, “to say ‘oh, it’s only water’, but what do you think these same people will say when suddenly the water is gone?” Unless we act and act quickly, Kleyne fears that we may see international wars waged over water and water rights.

Sharon Kleyne wants people to get serious about this Doomsday scenario and their health, yet that is going to require a lot more training and awareness about water and all that it does for you and the natural world. “Remember that we are 70% to 75% water,” Kleyne says. “Our organs are mostly water; our skin is mostly water; the tear lenses of our eyes are 99% water! Without water supplementation,” Kleyne continues, “you can’t see; your organs can’t function, and you can’t breathe. You need that water vapor in the air to breathe.”

Sharon Kleyne insists that scientists must expand water research; that research will lead to new beneficial breakthroughs. Kleyne also looks to the schools, asking educators at all levels to develop curricula that will teach the technology of water to everyone. “We can’t afford to wait on any of this any longer,” Kleyne warns. “We’ve dragged our heels and been distracted for far too long.” Finally, Kleyne would like to see children organize and become much more active in new water technology. “No matter our age,” Kleyne concludes, “we need to step up and embrace a new Water Life Science® lifestyle. It’s exciting, and it is necessary.”

Sharon Kleyne Blasts Dehydration Caused By Evaporation

Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Sounds the Alarm about Dehydration. Sharon Kleyne Says Children & Elderly at Great Risk.

Water Life Science® leader Sharon Kleyne is concerned about the way so many people ignore the perils of dehydration or take a casual approach to this potential killer. Millions of people around the world die every year from dehydration that is the result of excessive evaporation of body water vapor, and the most vulnerable among them are children and senior citizens.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and host of The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health, the nationally syndicated radio show on Voice of America, listed the symptoms of dehydration, and they are terrifying! In infants and children, the danger signs include dry mouth and tongue, no tears when crying, no wet diapers for three hours, sunken eyes and cheeks, a sunken soft spot on the top of the skull and listlessness or irritability. In adults, dehydration symptoms can include extreme thirst, less frequent urination, dark-colored urine, fatigue, dizziness and confusion. Diarrhea that lasts many hours also indicates dehydration. “If these symptoms are not promptly relieved,” said Kleyne, “the result can be death.”

Whether one is very active or rather sedentary, Sharon Kleyne urged a daily routine of drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day. She also encouraged people to drink the entire glass each time rather than sip. “This will give you the greatest benefit of the glass of water,” she said. “Earth and our global population face an escalating water crisis that threatens all life,” Kleyne added. “We’re losing too much fresh water on the planet every day,” Kleyne said, “because of excessive water evaporation. This water evaporation threatens human health as a result of dehydration.”

Sharon Kleyne believes that the best way to combat this crisis is to inform more and more people about the issues, about water and water vapor evaporation, about the symptoms of dehydration and the steps one can take to avoid it. These steps include supplementing the body and eyes several times a day with Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®’s Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is the only pure water product to treat over-evaporation of the tear film covering the eye, (itself 99% water) and dry eye disease on the planet.”Eye drops and saline solutions are only temporary fixes. They can blur eyesight and increase irritation over the long run,” said Kleyne.

Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is also available for supplementing body vapor loss of the skin (70% to 76% water), and should be used daily by those wishing to avoid dehydration. In addition, Bio-Med Wash® is the first portable, non-saline, non-chemical, emergency eye, burn and wound wash product test-marketed and released worldwide. The Trade Secret tissue culture grade water that neither burns nor blurs is not administered as droplets. Instead, the company’s products are applied to the affected area as a painless, pure micron mist, or spray, from a personal, portable hand-held humidifier that is easy and even fun to use.

Sharon Kleyne, respected around the world by scientists and researchers as a leader of new water technology, pointed out that in the past twenty years, diarrhea caused by unsanitary water has killed more children than all the people lost to armed conflict since World War II. “Ultimately,” Kleyne said, “they died of dehydration due to excessive body water vapor evaporation.”

Sharon Kleyne has argued for decades that dehydration is a major global killer, and ample recent studies back her up. The good news, though, is that dehydration can be defeated with more awareness and education, and with more clean water that becomes available to every man, woman and child on the planet.

Sharon Kleyne & Colleagues Say Earth Needs A Water Plan

Sharon Kleyne, Cecil & Grigg Agree on Perils of Excess Evaporation. Sharon Kleyne, Cecil and Grigg Say Body Water Evaporation Threatens Health.

Renowned water advocate Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, recently met with distinguished colleagues L. DeWayne Cecil, Ph.D. and Neil S. Grigg, Ph.D. for a spirited conversation about the role of evaporation in earth’s ever-worsening water crisis.

“Government leaders are making a terrible mistake,” Sharon Kleyne said, “by not making water the number one priority of our infrastructure. Without the atmosphere’s water vapor,” she continued, “we would all be sand; we would be dust. We can’t breathe without earth’s water vapor. Our organs can’t function or fight off disease if we lose too much of our body water vapor due to excessive evaporation (dehydration).”

Dr. Cecil (www.climate.gov), Principle Scientist at Sustainable Earth Observation Systems, LLC, agreed with Sharon Kleyne. “The biggest problem,” Cecil said, “is that we do not have a water policy, a water plan on the international, regional or local level. I worked in the government sector as a researcher and scientist for thirty-one years,” Cecil continued, “and I never met sustained interest in a comprehensive water plan. In the same way, we have no climate change plan, no energy plan. Earth cannot survive without such comprehensive plans.”

Dr. Grigg (http://www.engr.colostate.edu/ce), a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University, agreed with Kleyne and Cecil. “Water,” he said, “is in high demand, yet limited in quantity. It is easily polluted. People living in poverty can’t always easily access it. There is global competition for water, and there are arguments and debates about international water usage. All of these factors,” Grigg explained, “combine to create a kind of social and political gridlock.”

Sharon Kleyne, host of the syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health radio program on Voice of America, noted that Dr. Grigg is currently studying evaporation in plant life. Kleyne’s own water research technology has brought her to the point where she believes that the major breakthrough in the study of evaporation may very well come from the study of plants. Dr. Cecil, who said his current goal was to come up with water use plans supporting sustainability on a global scale, supported Dr. Grigg’s assertion that “evaporation is a big player in extreme climate events such as droughts, floods and monster storms.”

“Excessive water evaporation affects our climate,” Cecil said, “ and we as a global community are not yet coming to terms with that fact.”

Sharon Kleyne, Cecil and Grigg agree that people everywhere must gain a better understanding of earth’s water vapor and the fact that body water vapor keeps us alive. Kleyne said that people ought to do all that they can to slow down the body’s dehydration due to evaporation, remembering to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, and drink a full glass every time for maximum beneficial results. “One must slow down the body water vapor evaporation process,” said Kleyne. “Live longer. Be healthier,” Kleyne added. “Many people don’t understand this key point: water has energy, even the body water vapor has energy.”

All three research scientists and educators called for scientists, researchers, politicians and educators to come together to create a global water plan that will benefit everybody. In doing so, Sharon Kleyne urged “meeting in the middle”, rather than separating over ideology. “We need to create such a plan from the roots up,” Kleyne concluded, “and not settle for some scatter-shot approach.”

Sharon Kleyne Says Water Equals Vitality

Sharon Kleyne Meets Dr. Marilyn Joyce, Cancer Survivor. Sharon Kleyne Says Water Evaporation Causes Stress.

Water Life Science® advocate and founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Sharon Kleyne, recently met Dr. Marilyn Joyce VV to talk about stress, the water vapor that keeps us alive and Dr. Joyce’s miraculous cancer remission.

Back in 1985, Dr. Joyce, author of the best-selling and much revered Instant E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: 5 Keys to Unlimited ENERGY and VITALITY, received a double-damning diagnosis of melanoma and 4th stage uterine cancer. By 1989, she weighed 88 pounds, and her doctors estimated that she had ten more days maximum to live. She was 35 years old. But Dr. Joyce did not die. Instead, she discovered a miracle that put her cancer in remission and saved her life. Since then, she’s devoted her life to helping others create energy and vitality in 5-minute segments.

Dr. Joyce’s miracle segments include breathing and gratitude exercises and a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, but everything begins for her (as it should for everyone) with a large glass of water first thing in the morning.

“We should all be drinking 8-to-10 glasses of water a day,” Sharon Kleyne added, “because without them we’re walking around like uncharged batteries, and one serious consequence of that situation is more stress.”

“I believe that stress,” Dr. Joyce added, “is the cause of all illness.”

Sharon Kleyne agreed. “Earth made water a priority,” she said. “The air you breathe is filled with moisture, yet many people are dehydrating and don’t even know it. The more the water vapor in the atmosphere evaporates, the more your own body’s water vapor evaporates, the more stress you’ll experience. You’ll lack energy, and you’ll sleep badly.” Kleyne asked Dr. Joyce to share the routine she follows to begin each day.

“I write in a Gratitude Journal, said Dr, Joyce. Then I drink a large glass of water. I breakfast—‘break fast’ (as in ‘break a fast’)—on fruit; throughout the day, I take 5-minute breaks to do breathing exercises—breathing in to the count of four, and breathing out to the count of four.”

Sharon Kleyne agreed that this qualifies as a water life science healthy ritual, and added, “I like to include Qigong and yoga,” said Kleyne, “in part because they encourage healthy breathing. After my first-thing-in-the-morning glass of water, I mist my eyes (did you know that the eye film is 99% water?) with Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, a Trade Secret tissue culture grade water delivered via the only personal hand-held humidifying device, which emits a pure, pH balanced, micron mist for dry eyes and allergies. It’s the only water vapor evaporation treatment free of chemicals and harmful additives on the planet.” Kleyne and Dr. Joyce agreed that health and vitality rely on water, breath, diet and a positive attitude.