Contaminated Water Vapor Makes You Sick Says Sharon Kleyne

Water Educator Sharon Kleyne Warns Against Polluted Humidity. Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Says Thick Dirty Air Can Kill.

No one wants to breathe polluted air, of course, but most people do so all the time. When people think of it at all, mostly they think that there is nothing much they can do about it so they just try to ignore it. Water advocate Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® disagrees yet is also concerned about an even greater potential danger—the effect pollution has on the air’s natural humidity.

The air’s natural humidity is the invisible, suspended water vapor droplets that create weather and allow people and all other life forms to breathe the water-rich air that is necessary to all life. This relationship between humidity, air pollution and dehydration has long been a major focus of Kleyne’s scientific research. At Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Kleyne’s water research center has developed Natures Tears® EyeMist®, the company’s global signature product for dry eye disease and dry skin. As part of an ongoing commitment to educating the public about water and health, Kleyne also hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show sponsored by Natures Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica.

Kleyne’s research shows that direct absorption of water vapor droplets from the air constitutes a significant percentage of the body’s total water intake. The more humid and cleaner the air, Kleyne explains, the more direct surface absorption will occur. Conversely, evaporating water may also be lost through the body’s surface if the humidity is too low or the air’s water vapor/humidity content is overly contaminated. Kleyne cites BJ Mason’s The Physics of Clouds (Oxford, 2010) to show that airborne particulate matter, whether naturally occurring or human-made, tends to attract and accumulate the minute water droplets entering the air as evaporated or “gasified” water.”If the air is contaminated,” says Kleyne, “the humidity will also be contaminated.”

According to Kleyne, sulfur dioxide and carbon black, two common pollutants, are particularly nasty when combined with water vapor. Pollutants such as sulfur dioxide can chemically alter the water so that it is less beneficial when it lands on the body surface. Also, carbon black soot, fly ash and other pollutants are desiccants that have a dehydrating effect when they land on the body or lungs, interfering with the body’s surface absorption of water vapor. Kleyne wants to see more research into the relationship between humidity, dehydration and air pollution. No matter what the results of this research, she also advocates reducing the amount of pollution released into the air. Kleyne urges everyone to drink eight to ten full glasses of pure fresh water each day and to drink a whole glass at a time for maximum benefits of rehydration. Kleyne also suggests monitoring the daily air quality. If you must be out on an especially ‘dirty’ day, consider wearing a face mask.


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Dr. Effie Chow Talks about Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Proactive Health Education and Modern China

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 28, 2011
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Alternative and Integrative Medicines, Chinese Philosophy, Acupuncture, Air and Water Pollution

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water interviews renowned lecturer Effie Chow, PhD on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes and

Traditional Chinese medicine.

Sharon Kleyne, water advocate, entrepreneur and radio talk show host, interviewed Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Effie Chow on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, August 1, 2011. Mrs. Kleyne’s proactive health education mission, on World Talk Radio and Apple iTunes, is empowering the public to avoid environmental health problems such as dry eye and computer eye strain.

Effie Chow is a PhD, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Well known in China, she has been an Alternative Medicine advisor to President Clinton, had a documentary produced about her life and is a frequent television talk show guest.

A Changing planet.

Dr. Chow advocates avoiding formulated medicines and drastic medical procedures through prevention and health maintenance. As Sharon notes, “To survive on our changing planet, we must be responsible for our own health and the planet’s health. We can all be proactive by educating ourselves about health, lifestyle, diet, nutrition and natural healing.”

Sharon and Dr. Chow agreed that nothing is more important than water to the life and health of individuals and the planet. They also agreed that we must all learn to live with the planet’s changing environment. Increasingly dry and polluted air worldwide is causing multiple health problems and dehydration symptoms such as dry eyes, dry skin and dry breathing passages.

The key to survival in the “age of dryness,” is proactive health education – making it your personal business to discover and learn without waiting for someone else to “fix” things.

China today.

Although her family was Christian and lived in the United States, Dr. Chow’s father was a Chinese healing arts and herbs practitioner with a Buddhist and Taoist influence. At a time when the world is discovering the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine, China itself is Westernizing. With rapid industrialization, China faces critical problems with water shortages and air and water pollution.

Water and air, according to Dr. Chow, are the two basic essentials to life. You can survive for weeks without food but you cannot live long without clean air and water.

Eye infections are common in China, due to air and water pollution. The Chinese are taking water from the more agricultural south and using it to support populations in the industrial north.

The key to survival for individual Chinese citizens will be proactive health education.

Internal health and qigong.

The education turned to internal health, noting that each person is a microcosm of the planet and that each cell is a microcosm of the whole body. Our internal life force must correspond with the external life force. Thus, China’s national experience, and America’s national experience, reflect the internal health of its citizens.

Dr. Chow talked about “Qi,” (pronounced “Chee”), referring to energy flow or God force, as an essential element in health. “Qigong” is the Chinese term for traditional Chinese medicine.

There was considerable discussion of breathing. Dr. Chow explained that breathing is the first thing she teaches. Breathe with your shoulders back and from the diaphragm. Take long deep breaths, in the nose and out the mouth. Doing this two or three times a day for ten minutes could have a profound health effect. Proper breathing could improve muscle tone, reduce girth, benefit heart and lungs, and has benefited diseases such as fibromyalgia, glaucoma, macular degeneration dry eye and computer eye strain.

Sharon noted that everything breathes: the lungs, skin, hair, soil and planet. Without the “breath of life,” there can be no life.

Dr. Chow mentioned the relation between liver and eyes. Build-up of toxins in the liver can affect vision. It is interesting that liver contains more beta-carotene by far than any other food.

Final words.

Dr. Chow’s final words: Live with the planet and trust yourself – you were born with everything you need for this life, and for other lives that may follow. Start by giving eight hugs a day and allowing yourself three long laughs a day. Dr. Chow’s website:

Nature’s Tears EyeMist.

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Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water.

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