Making Your Way through the Medical Minefield

Melvin H Kirschner, MD (Granada Hills, CA), physician and author. “The state of the medical system in the U. S. and how it can be fixed.”

Dr. Kirschner worked for the California Health Department checking the drinking water supply and concluded that it was terrible! He is 84, started in public health and then moved to Family Practice medicine.

The doctor’s primary concern is formulated medications, which he believes are over-prescribed, have too many side effects and are essentially all poisons. Sharon and the doctor agreed that we must be proactive about medications and not take automatically take everything that is prescribed. This involves self-education, informed decision making and seeking a natural cure before a formulated cure.

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Healthy Foods and Recipes Kids Will Eat

Ellen Briggs, food consultant, author, radio host and founder of the Kid Kritics Approved program. Joined by Sally Byrd, ND, Ellen’s radio co-host.  “Reversing childhood diseases such as obesity, diabetes, allergy and depression.”

In child health, water is the #1 issue and diet is #2. Ms. Briggs and Byrd believe that if you can educate parents about proper child nutrition, the parents’ diet will also improve. Their book emphasizes water above all in childhood health.

They believe that there should be “food circles” and not a food pyramid. And that water is the biggest circle.

Children don’t know how to eat, they don’t know what is good for them, they tend to get addicted to “bad” foods and they often don’t know where milk, cheese or meat even comes from. This can set up adverse pattern for life. And it affects all social strata.

Ellen and Sally have been working with parents but noted that parents would change their child’s diet to win a race or get them on a team, but not to improve their grades. The challenge is to get the information to the parents.

Ellen and Sally advocate healthy foods that taste good and they advocate incremental diet changes. Begin by cutting down and don’t replace everything at once.

Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular and excessive wheat and dairy consumption causes numerous diseases. They are seeing these diseases at a much younger age.

There is a large disconnect for many people between their food intake and their health. And they want to cure their food-caused symptoms with medicine.


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Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Shel Horowitz, author, speaker and entrepreneur. “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and the Planet.”

Shel Horowitz is interested in green or environmental based marketing and sees small entrepreneurs and businesses as a way to promote a greener planet.

Sharon asked him what kinds of businesses he has been involved with or promoted and he replied that his group successfully stopped a construction project. He also talked about “voluntary interspecies cooperation.”

In his book, he cites a person who started a successful business with a system that saved 50% on energy in office buildings. Sharon then talked about the health problems with forced-air heating and cooling and insulated walls and windows, even though they do save energy. She talked about “sick building syndrome” in which there is not enough air exchange. Continue reading “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green”

Personal Proactive Solutions to the Water Crisis

Ron Duncan is deeply concerned about water availability in the world, in California and in his hometown of Soquel, near Santa Cruz. It is the most important life and death issue worldwide and in many third world countries, women spend hours each day carrying water jugs – and the water is unsafe and there are no sanitary facilities to prevent disease.

Although the situation in Soquel does not compare to parts of Africa, the situation is dire. Between 1960 and 2000, the US water consumption doubled but the amount of available water stayed the same.

In Haiti, after the earthquake, there was water to drink but no toilets or showers. And cholera broke out as a result.

And in the US, even where there is plenty of cheap, safe water, people don’t drink enough.  In the US, the average person uses 180 gallons of water a day, mostly in the bathroom and toilet. In recent years, toilet tanks have gotten smaller, which has saved much water. There are also now “two-flush” toilets that use more or less water depending on what is being flushed. Continue reading “Personal Proactive Solutions to the Water Crisis”

Sulfur Rich Foods for Endurance and Beautiful Skin

Thiênna Ho, PhD (San Francisco, CA) is a nutritionist and author of: Cooking On The Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality.

Thienna Ho is of Vietnamese descent. Her family fled the 1972 Communist takeover in a small, over-packed boat, amid heat, vomit, urine and five pirate attacks. They had to dump most of their food to keep the boat afloat and survived by drinking rain water. Her boat landed in Indonesia after five days but some boats drifted for a month. She finally reached the United States at the age of 12.

Her interest is in alternative health and her particular interest is molecular biology and skin health. This came about because of her own problem with uneven, blotchy skin. She ended up with a PhD, studying skin pigmentation – and she solved her own skin issues through the use of sulfur compounds. Continue reading “Sulfur Rich Foods for Endurance and Beautiful Skin”

Marine Geology, Climate and Sea Level

Guest: Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, PhD (College Station, TX), Professor of Oceanography, Texas A and M University. “The effect of oceans on human life.”

Dr. Kennicutt is a professor of oceanography at Texas A and M University with a specialty in oceans and climate change.

If Earth’s climate warms and the polar ice melts, he says, seal levels could rise and over several decades, they could rise substantially. He believes that greenhouse gases from human activity (cars and factories) are affecting Earth’s thermostat. These pollutants are quickly distributed over the globe and carry trapped energy which tends to melt ice.

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“The Basics of LASIK Surgery”

LASIK Pioneer Dr. Marguerite McDonald on LASIK Surgery. Dr. Marguerite McDonald (New York, NY), refractive eye surgeon.

Dr. Marguerite McDonald is a pioneer in the field of LASIK eye surgery and Professor of Ophthalmology at Tulane University in New Orleans. She helped build the first excimer laser for vision correction and performed the world’s first refractive eye surgery using lasers. She moved to New York after hurricane Katrina.

Dr. McDonald referred listeners to the EyeSmart campaign at for a wealth of information about vision care, especially for those over 40. Chronic dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic vision problems and macular degeneration are very real, can be dangerous and are all treatable.

Sharon noted that visual development is critical to learning and relationships and that eye care education for parents can be critical. According to Dr. McDonald, some hospitals now have all newborns checked by an ophthalmologist. Retinal blastoma is a fairly common eye cancer in newborns and can be life threatening. She recommends a visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist at six weeks to check on eye development. One infant in 250 is born with cataracts.

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