Eyes Can Be Carriers Of Virus Says Sharon Kleyne Immunity Strengthening For The Body Education

Global Health Olympics™ Founder Sharon Kleyne Teaches Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® Strengthening Immune System of the Eye. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® All-Natural Trade Secret Acid Mantle Protection Water Sponsors Power of Water® Water Life Science® Sharon Kleyne VoiceAmerica.


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Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and Global Health Olympics™ lifestyle founder Sharon Kleyne teaches that dry eye is out of control worldwide. “This is a weakness that can turn the eye into a carrier and transmitter of virus,” says Kleyne. “When we talk to each other,” Kleyne continues, “miniscule particles of saliva (spit) fly in to the air and can land on hard surfaces. They do not evaporate immediately, and if you touch those surfaces you can contract a virus once you touch your face. The virus can easily enter your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth because they are all so vulnerable.”

That’s why Kleyne teaches new hygiene habits designed to give immunity strengthening for the body, including the eyes. In an animated educational film made by Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Philip Paden, M.D. teaches us that “the tear film is very complex”. The tear film is naturally 99 percent water and needs to be replenished frequently to maintain ocular immunity and health. Eyedrops bombard the tear film with a chemical solution which flushes away much needed lipids, proteins and salinity. Relief from dry eye is short-lived, and in many cases, eyedrops aggravate the condition. “Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® respects the complexity of the tear film,” says Paden. “Its safety profile is unequalled.”

Dr. Mark R. Rahner, OD, an optometry specialist in Cortez, Colorado and a graduate of Pacific University’s College of Optometry with more than forty years’ experience, writes that “A good healthy and functioning lacrimal gland and lacrimal ducts are important to the integrity of the tear film,” says Rahner. “The tear film contains the immuglobulins IgA and IgG antibodies to give the immune protection to the cornea.”

VoiceAmerica talk radio host Kleyne, teaches that drinking pure water every day—8-to-10 glasses, each one drunk fully for maximum absorption, not sipped—promotes balance among the body’s organs, including the eyes, and among the body and earth itself.

You can also use Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® any time of the day or night to supplement and replenish water lost by the eyes to natural evaporation. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is applied to the eyes as a patented micron-size mist from a personal, portable handheld humidifier. “It’s easy to use,” says Kleyne. “Even children happily apply it to their eyes.”


Sharon Kleyne’s Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is 100 percent Trade Secret tissue culture grade pure water and is the immunity protection the eye needs. SIT DOWN NOW and watch the animation tear film for immunity protection of the eye here! http://biologicaquaresearch.com/Info/YT2.html


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