United Nations World Toilet Day 2019 Leaves No One Behind Declares Sharon Kleyne

World Toilet Day Resolves To Flush Sanitation Problems by 2030 for 673 Million Open Defecators. Sharon Kleyne Calls Attention to 4.2 Billion People Living without Safe Sanitation Globally.

November 19th is World Toilet Day, an opportunity for anyone who cares about water, sanitation and health to refocus on a commitment to making sure that every living person one earth has access to these necessities.

International new water evaporation technology researcher Sharon Kleyne, who also hosts the talk radio show the Sharon Kleyne Hour, an internationally syndicated weekly radio show produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV with a global reach of 3.5 million listeners on VoiceAmerica, is a leading educator about the world’s water crisis and sanitation crisis and a supporter of World Toilet Day.

Here are some facts. According to Kleyne, World Toilet Day is sponsored by the United Nations to inspire the world to take action to solve the global sanitation crisis. Currently, 4.2 billion people live without safe sanitation. Approximately 673 million people practice open defecation. The cost of this crisis is astronomical both in terms of health and finance. World Toilet Day was originally created by the World Toilet Organization in 2001; twelve years later, the United Nations General Assembly declared World Toilet Day an official UN day observed every year in every country on earth.

Every year, World Toilet Day has a special slogan. In 2015 it was Toilets and Nutrition. In 2016 it was Toilets and Jobs. Last year it was Nature-based Solutions (When Nature Calls). This year, the slogan is Leaving No One Behind. Kleyne notes that this current slogan relates to Sustainable Goal #6, which aims to eliminate open defecation and ensure “everyone has access to sustainable sanitation services by 2030, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations”.

Kleyne teaches that the world’s water crisis cannot be solved until every human being has access to a clean toilet. “Too many people and world leaders dump water and sanitation issues, which should be the top priority of every living person,” says Kleyne.

Countries all over the world will stage World Toilet Day celebrations in November 19th to call attention to the sanitation and fresh water crisis. In Portland, Oregon, a 30-foot poo emoji will tower above the Pioneer Courthouse Square. In India, countrywide demonstrations will highlight the issue of open defecation. The Su-poo-hero of global sanitation, Toilet Man (from Singapore), will also make appearances at several venues in multiple countries.

If you would like to read an article about the efforts of the Su-poo-hero of global sanitation, here is a link: https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/witness/2019/11/toilet-su-poo-hero-global-sanitation-191110104643485.html

Kleyne believes that education is the key to solving the world’s water and sanitation crises. “The United Nations World Toilet Day is a perfect occasion to pause in our daily lives,” says Kleyne, “and think of the children and mothers who do not have access to toilets and clean water. We must wipe this crisis from the planet!”

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