Dry Skin Supplement Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® Discovered By Sharon Kleyne

Summer Dry Skin Caused by Water Evaporation Must be Supplemented with Trade Secret Water Says Kleyne. Sharon Kleyne’s Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® Has Your Dry Body’s Back in Summer.

In the battle against dry skin caused by body water evaporation and evaporation of the earth’s watery atmosphere, it’s all about supplementation and maximum absorption.

Sharon Kleyne, founder and director of research at Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and host of the internationally syndicated weekly talk radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica, has studied water evaporation for more than two decades. Kleyne warns that as another record-breaking, planet-sizzling summer approaches, humans must proactively learn more about body water supplementation.

According to Kleyne’s research, water applied to a dry skin surface must be pure and free of chemicals and additives. The pure water must has a slightly acidic pH measuring 5.5 to 6.5 and be applied to the skin as a fine mist—exactly like the humidity that exists naturally in the atmosphere. Once applied as a fine mist to the dry skin, the pure water’s droplets attach to the skin’s exquisite hair shafts. The pure water mist then penetrates the acid-mantle and moves into the deep layers of Dermis by way of the hair follicles. This product and application process make for maximum absorption of pure water mist by the dry skin.

Suppose one applies other water to dry skin? Won’t just any water do? The simple answer is no. Water that lacks the properties described above will not achieve beneficial absorption. The same is also true of skin products that lack these rare properties. That is why one must use Kleyne’s Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® for maximum deep absorption. More than Just a Mist®, Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is applied to the skin by a portable handheld personal humidifier that is convenient to carry (as convenient as carrying chap stick) and easy to use.

The water makes Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® effective, safe and natural. The sole ingredient in Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is Trade Secret tissue culture grade water. This water is naturally pure and pH correct. It is non-allergenic and perfectly compatible with human skin. Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is even compatible with all formulations of crème, sun block and makeup. When you mist with Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water®, makeup will become translucent but not run and there will never be a residue of any kind on hair, eyelashes, skin and clothing. The fact is, your skin will be enlivened and look fair with rejuvenated color all day and night! Skin care practitioners and devotees of Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® know that the product is unique in the global skincare market and that what makes it so is the Trade Secret water.


Breath of Life teacher Kleyne has also prepared a brief video to demonstrate the application of Nature’s Mist® secret Face of the Water® and the reasons for it. You can watch here!


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