World Water Day 2019 Theme: Leaving No One Behind

Power of Water® & Talk Radio Host Sharon Kleyne Discovers UN World Water Day Theme: Leaving No One Behind. Universe Algorithm & Breath of Moisture in World Water Day Theme Leaving No One Behind.

World Water Day has a special theme every year, teaches Water Life Science® lifestyle researcher and dry eye expert Sharon Kleyne. This year the theme is Leaving No One Behind. Recent themes have included Nature for Water (2018), Why Waste Water? (2017), Better Water, Better Jobs (2016), Water and Sustainable Development (2015) and Water and Energy (2014).

“The 2019 World Water Day theme is especially appropriate,” says Water Life Science® and rhythm of universe researcher Kleyne. With 2.3 billion people suffering from no freshwater in their homes, Power of Water® advocate Kleyne is concerned that the world’s water crisis has been leaving behind disabled people, children, women, refugees and indigenous people. “These marginalized groups must be included in the world’s water infrastructure plans and their voices should be included in the planning.” Water Life Science® founder Kleyne says that every person on earth should have access to pure, fresh water.

World Water Day is an annual United Nations Observance Day (March 22nd). World Water Day is celebrated all over the world in a variety of ways—marches, parades, musical programs, theatrical events, readings, song festivals, films, school programs, books and papers and many others. The Day also highlights raising funds for worthy water projects. UN-Water coordinates World Water Day activities with UN member organizations from the local to the global arena. The UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) is released every year on World Water Day.

Since the first World Water Day in 1993, water awareness has grown worldwide with more and more government, private sector organizations schools and universities participating in the special day and beyond. More and more schools and universities, for example, are educating people about the importance of conserving and managing water resources. Organizations such as UNICEF, WaterAid and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor raise public awareness of water issues and mobilize water campaigns. End Water Poverty is a global civil society coalition that includes 250 partner organizations worldwide. Every year, it sponsors Water Action Month and makes available an event-planning guidebook.

Every year, these events reach and galvanize millions of people globally, but according to Water Life Science® mentor Kleyne, there is much more to be done. “We never know enough,” says Kleyne, “in science or in life. We need more and better water education and water action from governments and private organizations. People also need to be more proactive about their health, and health begins with the breath of life—Water!”

Water Life Science® inventor Kleyne urges everyone to visit the UN’s website – — to learn more about World Water Day. Talk radio host Kleyne also says she is looking forward to the 2020 World Water Day with its Theme: Climate Change.


Water Life Science®, Dry Eye Solution® and algorithm leader ® Kleyne has created an educational animated film, Dry Eye Animation of the Tear Film, that demonstrates an effective Dry Eye Solution® in harmony with the rhythm of earth and the universe…and just in time to continue the celebration of International Water Day!

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