Sharon Kleyne Teaches Solar System Algorithm Power Of Water®

Solar System Algorithm Breath of Life Highlights Water for all Life on Earth. Sharon Kleyne Says Solar System Algorithm Includes Every Living Thing in Universe.

“Algorithm is the problem-solving gristle and muscle of the solar system,” says algorithm researcher and Water Life Science® lifestyle educator and creator Sharon Kleyne. “Algorithm also drives the Power of Water®, which is the foundation of all life, not only on earth, but in the entire solar system.”

The solar system is at least 4.568 billion years old, yet Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne is surprised by how little most people know about it. “A lot of people, including many of our elected officials, seem to think we’re living all alone here, independent of the rest of the solar system.” As Power of Water® provocateur Kleyne knows, nothing could be further from the truth. “We need to get smarter about the solar system and its algorithm—of which our own bodies’ algorithm are a part,” says Power of Water® engineer Kleyne. “Algorithm problem solves in the universe, just as it problem solves in our bodies,” Water Life Science® inventor Kleyne continues.

As she teaches many times, the solar system and its algorithm emerged out of the algorithm of the pre-solar nebula, a vast reaction in which hydrogen, helium and heavier elements heated up and rotated faster and faster until four smaller, rocky planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars—formed. These four planets are known as the terrestrial planets, while four giant planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune took shape further out beyond the frost line. The massive ice that made up these four behemoth planets also made it possible for these planets to capture atmospheres of helium and hydrogen. Other smaller bodies and elements that never morphed into planets collected in what we now call the Kuiper asteroid belt and the Oort cloud.

Power of Water® supporter Kleyne believes that every functioning human being on earth should be well versed in these facts and wants improved education programs created and launched to see that it becomes reality. “Why is it important to know all about the solar system?” asks Water Life Science® promoter Kleyne. “It is important to know because it’s a part of you! You are the solar system! The solar system is you! As I’ve said many times and will continue to do so, we are one algorithm with the stars!”

Power of Water® investigator Kleyne knows that if we can’t get the education we need to understand the solar system, we won’t be able to understand the primacy of water and its algorithm to the continuance of life. “All life is threatened,” says algorithm student Kleyne. “If we do not learn to live in better harmony with the algorithm of the solar system, we will fail in our stewardship of the natural resources on this planet and in our quest to survive for eternity.”

Power of Water® inspiration Kleyne wants everyone to know It is important to know how the solar system has gifted planet earth with a water vapor algorithm atmosphere that makes possible all life. We breathe the water algorithm vapor atmosphere, Kleyne says, because it is our algorithm breath of life. Eliminate earth’s water vapor atmosphere and its algorithm and we will destroy the people, animals, plants, streams, rivers, ponds, puddles, aquifers, lakes, oceans or insects that so many take for granted. “More water education can save us,” insists solar system devotee Kleyne, “and it is up to us to lobby for it at every turn.”

Kleyne, also host of the internationally syndicated talk radio weekly program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV in Washington, D.C., urges everyone to purchase Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® at or Walgreens to combat over-evaporation and dry eye.’s-tears-eye-mist/ID=prod6347055-product

The solar system and its algorithm are working seamlessly with us every day to keep us alive and healthy. We need to be more proactive to lend a helping hand. Water Life Science®, Dry Eye Solution® and algorithm leader ® Kleyne has created an educational animated film, Dry Eye Animation of the Tear Film, that demonstrates an effective Dry Eye Solution® in harmony with the solar system and its algorithm Power of Water®.

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