Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® Founder Sharon Kleyne Discovers Definition Of ‘Dry’

Dry Dry Dry. What Is the Definition of Dry Eye? Water Crisis Researcher Kleyne Explores World Water Crisis, Definition of Eye Mist and Dry Eye Solution®.

Dry dry dry. What do you think of when you read or hear the word dry? According to water evaporation and dry eye researcher Sharon Kleyne, you should be thinking of water loss. “Dry means water loss,” says Water Life Science® expert Kleyne.

Dry does not mean you are thirsty. Dry does not mean you are parched. Dry does not mean you are crusty or cracked. Dry does not mean you are out of food or money. Dry means only one thing: you are out of water. Dry means you are over-evaporating. Dry means that unless you replenish your skin and organs with plenty of fresh water, you will eventually die. Before that, dry means that you will be more susceptible to disease and illness.

When the word dry is applied to the term dry eye, it means that the eye is dry due to over-evaporation.

In the same way, Water Life Science® lifestyle inventor Kleyne wants you to know the exact definition of the word mist. Mist does not mean a gauzy shower of water. Mist does not mean a cloud of moisture. Mist does not mean a gossamer gown of diaphanous hue. Mist does not mean vapor from an electronic cigarette. Mist means a patented micron-size puff of exquisite moisture that is designed for maximum absorption of the skin and eyes. Mist brings instant pure water relief to dry skin and dry eyes.

A third area of confusion, shares Water Life Science® teacher Kleyne, surrounds the use of the phrase, dry eye solution®. “All kinds of products on the global dry eye market make claims that they are the best solution for dry eyes,” asserts Water Lifer Science® advocate Kleyne. “Yet, the only dry eye solution of its kind on the global dry eye market that is made of 100 percent Trade Secret tissue culture grade water is Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® from Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®.” Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, Water Life Science® innovator Kleyne explains, possesses virtually the same pH balance as the water that is naturally produced by the eye. Other dry eye products may deliver temporary pain and discomfort relief, but they do so with the aid of chemicals that create additional water imbalance in the eyes. Only pure water can deliver the longest relief from dry eye because it supplements and replenishes water lost to evaporation.

So! Do we have a better understanding of the word dry? Do we have a better understanding of the word mist? Do we better understand the phrase dry eye solution®? If not, says Water Life Science® troubleshooter Kleyne, you need to get up to speed about dryness, water evaporation, mist and dry eye solutions as quickly as possible. Don’t just sit there and dry up! The key to better understanding of dry eye, water evaporation and mist is more water education. The key to a healthier, happier life that isn’t over-evaporating is more new water education and more new water technology.

Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne also hosts the talk radio program, the “Sharon Kleyne Hour,” an internationally syndicated radio program with 3.5 million listeners worldwide on VoiceAmerica produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV. The program is committed to raising global awareness of the water crisis, understanding of the word dry, dry eye solution® and water evaporation through new education programs, research and water technology.

If you would like to bone up on facts about the global water crisis that threatens you, your loved ones and all life on this planet, please follow this link:

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