Dr. Emoto’s Water Legacy Lives Through Peace Project, Director Michiko Hayashi & Water Evaporation Researcher Sharon Kleyne

Late Dr. Emoto Channels Water Education Advice for Children to Longtime Assistant. Emoto Peace Project Relies on Better New Water Research, Technology & Water Education.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, discoverer of the secret life of water and author of the international bestseller, The Hidden Messages of Water, may have passed away on October 17th, 2014 at the age of 71, but he is far from silenced. His assistant and personal choice to serve as International Director for the Emoto Peace Project, Michiko Hayashi, reported receiving a clear directive from him in 2015. Hayashi describes how while having dinner with Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph.D. and discoverer of the 4th phase of water, Dr. Emoto’s voice and energy clearly came to her with this message: “Hurry up and do the Peace Project! There’s not much time left.” At first, Hayashi doubted her experience, but eventually she realized that Dr. Emoto was specifically referring to the fact that earth is getting drier and drier. “A Greek philosopher wrote 3,000 years ago,” said Hayashi, “that water is a primary substance. Everything begins and ends with water. Today,” Hayashi added, “many conventional scientists want to ban the teaching of water.” Hayashi asserted that Emoto was decades ahead of his time in unlocking the secrets of water.

Hayashi described the process Dr. Emoto followed in preparing water for patients and for his later water research. “He began,” Hayashi explained, “by printing out individual words and phrases—‘love, I love you, you’re stupid, hate’—and pasting them onto the water glasses. When he froze the water, he discovered that water crystals from glasses adorned with positive words assumed beautiful shapes, while the opposite was true for glasses marked with negative words.”

“Everything has its own vibration, including every word,” Sharon Kleyne, founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, explained. “They affect our bodies as well as our health. It’s just as Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph. D. has said on this show many times,” said Water Life Science® lifestyle innovator Kleyne. “We’re living, walking batteries charged by the energy of the water vapor in our bodies and all around us in the atmosphere.”

Water Life Science® creator Kleyne promotes water vapor and water education for children on the “Sharon Kleyne Hour,” Kleyne’s internationally syndicated weekly talk radio show with a global audience of 3.5 million listeners on VoiceAmerica produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV. Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne has long been a supporter of Emoto’s water work. “The future of our planet is children,” said Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne, “and we have to teach them that they are water.”

Hayashi explained that Emoto began his career as a medical doctor in Japan. He would place a patient’s hand on a machine called a Hado (www.hado.com/ihm/ ), which would measure the energy of various sectors of the body. When Emoto detected energy imbalances, he concluded that the cause of the patient’s disease resided in them. Emoto’s next step was to work with water to create positive vibration energy that would cancel out the patient’s negative energy and imbalances and restore the energy level that was appropriate for that individual patient. “In this way,” said Hayashi, “Dr. Emoto cured 10,000 people. We are all drops of water,” Hayashi said. “If we want to save planet earth,” Hayashi concluded, “we need to teach every child the story of water.”


If you would like to listen to the program in which Emoto Peace Project international director Michiko Hayashi and Sharon Kleyne discuss water evaporation, new water research and technology, Dr. Emoto’s water research and the need for better water research for children, click here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/111052/water-health-and-hado-vibrational-therapy