Moisture Relieves Stress Says Evaporation Expert Sharon Kleyne

Water Life Science® Creator Sharon Kleyne Explores Toxic Stress. Longevity Depends on Controlling Stress with More Moisture Declares Kleyne.

By now, everyone knows that stress is a major killer in the world, but international water researcher Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, also teaches that stress can be swiftly alleviated with a supplement of moisture. “Stress is a trigger and contributes to illness and disease, “Kleyne says, “but stress can be relieved by applying moisture lost to dehydration.”

Just how does this work? Kleyne teaches that from the moment a baby leaves its mother’s watery womb, a natural process of evaporation begins. This process continues until the end of life, but life and health can actually be extended with regular supplementation of the lost moisture. If supplementation does not take place, the body suffers over-evaporation and becomes vulnerable to stress and many other diseases and illnesses. What does the supplementation look like? The body must be supplemented and replenished with 100 percent pure water for best results.

A colleague of Kleyne’s, Dr. Mary Wingo, Ph.D, links body water evaporation to five major causes of toxic modern stress—the stress that if allowed to run unchecked will kill you. These five modern stress markers include complexity (having too much on one’s plate and being prone to over-stimulation that releases excessive amounts of cortisone and adrenaline), loss of equality in society (causes early mortality, especially in men), loss of social capital (less communicating, fewer shared meals and events, withdrawing into Self), breakdown of human physiology (inflammation of organs and skin) and chemical contaminants.

Kleyne’s internationally respected research over the last two decades has revealed that these conditions can and often are triggered by the compromised nature of earth’s and the body’s water vapor, which are under constant attack by evaporation, pollution, allergies, and artificial environments. Kleyne uses as an example the fact that in addition to being painful, dry eye disease is also highly stressful. For relief, Kleyne suggests a dry eye solution® that is like no other on earth. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is the only personal hand-held humidifying device emitting a pure, pH balanced, patented micron-size water mist for dry eyes. How far has Nature’s Tears® Eye Mist®’s reputation spread? Nature’s Tears® Eye Mist® is endorsed by more than 22,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists nationwide and was successfully test-marketed in more than 70,000 outlets.

According to Kleyne, everyone needs to manage stress better. She reminds listeners and readers that everyone must be more proactive about personal health. Stress can be alleviated if eyes and skin are replenished with moisture. Kleyne also urges people to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day to keep their organs supplemented with pure water. Finally, Kleyne suggests breathing properly—in through the nose, out through the mouth—and to get lots of sleep.


Before you read this article, what was your go-to product for a dry eye solution®? Do you suffer from dry eye disease? What do you think of new water research and new technology? Have you ever tried Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® or known someone who has done so? What’s the verdict? You can try Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® by visiting, our website or calling our toll-free 1-800 number. If you have comments or stories you’d like to share, why not get involved? We’d like very much to hear from you! You can reach us in the following ways. 800-367-6478 ~ Fax 541-474-2123 or on Twitter at @sharonkleynehr


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