Animated Film Shows Dry Eye Solution® Nature’s Tears EyeMist®

Animated Film from Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® Unveils Dry Eye Solution®. Sharon Kleyne Shares Dry Eye Solution® Animated Film.

“We live in an increasingly visual age,” says Water Life Science® creator and educator Sharon Kleyne, “and animation and film are popular learning tools.” Kleyne’s studies of body water evaporation, earth’s atmospheric evaporation and dry eye disease have earned her the respect of physicians, scientists, educators and researchers around the world who have recognized Kleyne’s unique discovery of a dry eye solution®.

Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica, recently suggested on air the supplementing and replenishing of the moisture of dry eyes lost to excessive evaporation with the new water technology, Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®.

The animated film from Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® demonstrates that the eye’s tear film, which is naturally 99 percent water, must be supplemented several times a day to replenish water lost to evaporation with sterile water. “Only pure water supplements the tear film and provides longer term relief from the symptoms of dry eye disease,” says Kleyne. The animated short film shows how the eye’s tear film may be flooded by chemicals and artificial stimuli, or is susceptible to drying out due to excessive evaporation. This evaporation process occurs as a result of pollution, artificial environments (air conditioning, forced air heating), wind, stress, lack of sleep, excessive TV and computer use, smoke, sun glare, allergies, hormonal imbalances and other illnesses. Many dry eye sufferers apply saline solutions and eye drops to eyes with the hope of finding a comforting dry eye solution®, but saline solutions and most eye drop solutions for dry eye disease merely trap moisture. They do not replenish and supplement moisture that is already lost.

“Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® for dry eye disease relief is the only Trade Secret tissue culture grade water dry eye solution® on earth,” says Kleyne. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is applied to the eyes as a patented micron-size mist by a personal, portable hand-held humidifier. It is so easy to apply that even a child can use it. William Shakespeare wrote that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The ability to see, and then to perceive what one sees, is at the root of all descriptions of the eye and the way the eyes work. The eye is a camera, a beam of molecules, a receptor receiving messages from limitless sources. Couldn’t the eye also be water, the sun, wind, earth, and thought itself? As we continue to explore these possibilities, Kleyne suggests, we become ever more aware of the need for better education and deeper curiosity about everything. Kleyne also reminds listeners that the ego can get in the way of understanding of any kind.

The fun, informative 4-minute animated movie that explains the eye, dry eye and the benefits of this dry eye solution® can be found here.

Please share this information with others, and take a few moments to watch the animated film here:


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