Water Life Science® Is The New Health Appliance

Radio Host Sharon Kleyne Proclaims Water Life Science® the New Lifestyle. Water Life Science® Treats Disease & Illness with Defiance.

Imagine a new appliance, unlike anything ever invented, which could take the place of all of your appliances in your home. Imagine that this new appliance could not only replace them, but it could do a better job, too.

According to Sharon Kleyne, founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research/Water Life Science®, that is exactly what her new water lifestyle accomplishes in the realm of personal health. “Did you know,” Kleyne said, “that there have been more than 200 new diseases born in the last hundred years, yet there have been fewer than a dozen cures found?” Kleyne wants more people around the world to become more proactive about their health. “The best way to do that,” added Kleyne,” is to learn all about and embrace the new lifestyle I’ve dubbed Water Life Science®.”

What is Water Life Science®? It is living your life being smart about water, which is the breath of life. “Life is impossible without the water vapor in earth’s atmosphere and the water in the body,” Kleyne said. “All of that water is constantly evaporating. The body and the atmosphere require constant supplementation and replenishing. Water Life Science® encourages us and teaches us how to do that.”

Kleyne, also host of an educational, nationally syndicated radio program, wants more people to tune in and deepen their understanding of the process of water evaporation, its impact on personal health, and the many ways that water improves health and leads to disease cures. Every week on The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, internationally known scientists, physicians, researchers and educators join Kleyne as guests to discuss the world’s water issues and water crises. If you like learning, if you want to be informed, this is the radio program that can lead to better health and longer, more active lives. That is the promise of Water Life Science® as a new lifestyle.

“Everyone can lead a happier, healthier life with Water Life Science®,” said Kleyne. “All one has to do is be willing to learn.” Kleyne would like to see Water Life Science® courses developed for grade schools, high schools universities and community centers. “Wherever there is life,” said Kleyne, “there is a critical need for the Water Life Science® lifestyle.”


You can listen to Kleyne’s talk radio program here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/100129/the-sharon-kleyne-hour. You can also explore the website of Kleyne’s dynamic water research center here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/100129/the-sharon-kleyne-hour.