Dame Dr. Effie Chow & Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® On Kleyne Talk Radio

Qigong Grandmaster & Breath Expert Chow Talks Proactive Health on Kleyne Talk Radio Show. Chow & Kleyne Advocate Whole Health Nature’s Pharma®Water Life Science Lifestyle®.

Dame Dr. Effie Chow, a Qigong Grandmaster and breath, water and nutrition expert, frequently visits the talk radio program of longtime colleague and friend, Sharon Kleyne. Recently, Chow joined Kleyne’s nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio, to talk about Kleyne’s groundbreaking Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® lifestyle.

“This is a great Power of Water® breakthrough,” said Chow. Kleyne agreed, saying that water is the breath of life and that Nature’s Pharma®Water Life Science® teaches listeners everywhere how to become more proactive about their health by drawing on thousands of years of holistic knowledge from China, India, Africa, Australia and the Americas to lead healthier, longer and more active lives. “Water is the great mystery,” said Kleyne, “that teaches us how to live with planet earth and enjoy Her bounty.”

Chow added that Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® includes breath knowledge, sleep knowledge, exercise knowledge and nutrition knowledge, too. “I always instruct my patients to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day,” said Chow, “and I teach breathing exercises that are part of my Qigong practice.”

Chow remains true to her belief in Chinese medicine and the practice of Qigong, especially for promoting health and extending healthy lives. Qigong means learning to breathe, and Chow on air expertly demonstrated breathing through the nose, which acts as a filter of pollutants (“Nature’s Nasal,” Kleyne called it), and breathing through the diaphragm. “If you don’t breathe, you’re dead,” said Chow. Through Qigong, the perfect martial art for a Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® lifestyle, one learns to maximize use of water in the oxygen of the earth’s atmosphere. “People who want to be proactively healthy must develop enlightened consciousness and practice with regard to breathing,” Chow said.

Kleyne revealed that she performs her daily breathing exercises in the shower. Chow approved, describing how the water in a shower creates negative ions, which are good for you. Positive ions, on the other hand, are not so good for you. In fact, they are carcinogenic. Artificial environments create a lot of positive ions. Air conditioning, for instance, creates positive ions. Chow also recommended hugging trees as a great way to reconnect with nature and improve breathing. “Trees breathe with and talk to you,” Chow said. Kleyne and Chow both feel that stress is often the result of over-evaporation of the body’s water vapor, and that everyone should supplement their body water vapor several times a day with pure water, as people do when living a Nature’s Pharma®/Water Life Science® lifestyle.


If you would like to listen to a talk radio program featuring Dame Dr. Effie Chow and Sharon Kleyne, please follow this link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/73803/the-sharon-kleyne-hour


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