Cities Around The World Preparing To Run Out Of Water

Water Experts Say ‘Day Zero’ Is Fast Approaching when Water Is Gone. Sharon Kleyne Warns That Fresh Water Supplies Are Running Out.

It could be something out of a science fiction movie, but it is all too real. Cities all over the world are making plans for the day that their fresh water sources are gone.

In Cape Town, South Africa’s busy seaport, what they have dubbed “Day Zero” is almost upon them. In fact, the day was projected to have arrived earlier this year, but severe measures have delayed it. How long? City restrictions limit citizens to one-sixth the amount of water an average American uses each day. When “Day Zero” arrives, the government will switch off all taps and begin rationing water through collection points. Imagine the oppression and the chaos that will follow.

Only one percent of earth’s fresh water is easily accessible to the global population. As you can imagine, this scarcity leads to inequality in water access. As always, the poor and less fortunate get less water. “A nation’s development has frequently come at the cost of undercutting its sources of clean water,” says Betty Otto, director of the World Resources Institute’s global water program. “For example, quite a bit of scientific research has shown that deforestation changed the hydrological cycle in the Amazon.”

Sharon Kleyne, Founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, has taught for more than two decades that excessive water evaporation of the body and the atmosphere will prove disastrous. “If we don’t replenish earth’s water vapor atmosphere,” says Kleyne, “we will all die. Water is the breath of life.” Kleyne observes that severe water shortages will trigger drought, which will dry up food sources from agriculture. “Water should be our #1 infrastructure priority all over the world,” says Kleyne. “To be healthy, people need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fresh water every day. They need to replenish and supplement their evaporating body water vapor in order to live. This is the power of water®!

In 2010, the United Nations recognized water as a human right, but this has not done enough to protect existing water supplies or create new ones. Some interpret the right to water as not meaning the right to free water. Unscrupulous controllers of water supplies can set outrageous prices for the commodity. Outright theft of water is also a global problem.

Kleyne believes that new water education for all ages and new water technology research can save the earth from its water crisis. But government and business leaders have so far shown little will or inclination to make that happen. In fact, cuts to education and research programs seem to be made every day. Meanwhile, the global water crisis grows and grows, and “Day Zero” draws closer for everyone.

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