Power Of Water® Is The Breath Of Life Says Sharon Kleyne

Water Life Science® Creator Kleyne Says Water Vapor Is a Living Product. Water Life Science® Teaches Proactive Health Care & Cures.

Sharon Kleyne, founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® believes that only the power of water® will prevent a global water catastrophe the likes of which has never been witnessed in the history of the planet. “Since the late 1800s,” Kleyne said, “more than 200 new diseases have come into existence while fewer than 5 cures have been discovered.” Kleyne teaches that this development came to be because new water research was discouraged and inadequately funded. “Now we are suffering greatly as a result of our shortsightedness,” Kleyne asserted.

Kleyne has spent more than two decades studying and researching water, earth’s atmosphere, body water and evaporation, and she is considered one of the world’s greatest experts on all of these subjects. Kleyne combines her groundbreaking research with a dedication to world-class teaching. Every week on her radio show, the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, Kleyne hosts international experts every week to discuss the world’s water and health crises. “Billions of people globally do not have access to fresh water,” said Kleyne. “Millions of children die every year for lack of water. How is that possible? We must do better!”

Kleyne believes that water life science® and the power of water® can revolutionize global water education. “Schools everywhere must consistently teach students at all levels the truth about water and disease,” said Kleyne. “How many people know that earth’s atmosphere is mostly water, just as we are?” Noting the insight of her esteemed colleague, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Kleyne reminded us that humans are like living batteries that need water to function. “Every living thing needs the water in the atmosphere to go on living,” claimed Kleyne. We need that water to compensate for the natural process of evaporation, which goes on all the time.

Kleyne teaches that evaporation is the process in which molecules or atoms in a liquid state acquire enough energy to transform into a gaseous state. “Evaporation,” said Kleyne, “is the opposite process of condensation.” Kleyne described how there is cohesion on surfaces. When a molecule of a liquid’s thermal motion overcomes the surface tension, evaporation occurs. That is why a higher temperature produces more evaporation. Evaporation is limited because only a small amount of molecules are located near the surface. They are also moving in the right direction to allow for their escape. As the faster moving molecules escape, the slower molecules exert lower average kinetic energy; thus, the liquid temperature decreases. This phenomenon is called evaporative cooling, and it’s the reason that sweat cools the human body. This is the kind of knowledge that Kleyne would like everyone to possess, and everyone would possess it in living a water life science® lifestyle.

Kleyne also wants government and business leaders to make good on many deferred promises to make water and water life science® an infrastructure priority. “The longer they delay,” warned Kleyne, “the more people will die.” Kleyne also sounded a warning that aging infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and even fail, as it did in Flint, Michigan, for example. Kleyne would like to see people everywhere become more proactive about health, which includes becoming proactive about the fate and condition of water. “We need action,” Kleyne said. “We need better-funded water education, research and new water technology to encourage people everywhere to adopt a water life science® lifestyle.”


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