Just A Mist® Dry Eye Solution® Creates Chinese Eye Care Revolution

China Embraces Dry Eye Solution® Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Sharon Kleyne & China Collaborate with Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® against Dry Eye Disease.

Did you know that research analysis in China suggests that dry eye disease problems grow worse with age? The Shihpai Eye Study found that 33.7% of people aged 65 and older in Taiwan tested positive for the symptoms of dry eye disease. It was discovered that women are even more susceptible to dry eye disease than men. Another finding showed that people with Type 2 diabetes were also more likely to suffer from dry eye disease than men or women.

Other risk factors for dry eye disease include alcohol, smoking, contact lens wear, pollution, exposure to artificial environments, wind, sun glare, chlorinated pool water, computer use, gaming and ocular and systemic medications. The study also highlighted regional differences in the cases of dry eye disease. Western China and Northern China had many more cases of dry eye disease than Central, Eastern and Southern China. Harkening back to a previous study which showed that there is a strong link between ultraviolet radiation and dry eye disease, the current study suggests that Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of Western China has high altitudes, long hours of sunlight and strong ultraviolet radiation that contributes to dry eye disease.

“These findings are all red flags,” said Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica, “but there is an option that is already beginning to provide relief in China.”

John D. Ng, MD, MS, FACS, Chief—Ocular Plastics, Orbital and Reconstructive Surgery and a professor at Oregon Health & Science University is also certain that he’s found the best solution available in today’s marketplace. “Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®,” said Ng, “has been an invaluable asset in rehabilitation of patients. I have been recommending this just a mist® treatment for over 17 years and can attest to its benefit, its ease of use and lack of side effects as it is pure water without preservatives.”

“Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is applied with a personal hand-held humidifying device,” said Kleyne. “The device emits a pure, pH balanced, 100% Trade Secret tissue culture grade water in the form of a patented micron-size mist. It supplements the eye’s tear film. “With Natures Tears® EyeMist®,” Kleyne said, “tired and irritated eyes are supplemented with pure water and that’s what dry eyes need. Eye drops provide temporary chemical relief,” Kleyne continued, “but they can become addictive and even make the dry eye condition worse.” Why? Because eye drops only trap water on the eye’s tear lens; they do not supplement the tear lens or the moisture (the tears) around it.” Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® does supplement both,” and dry eye sufferers in China are delighted about it.

Kleyne, founder and research director at Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, has taught people around the world that dry eye disease is a major tear deficiency disorder. Dry eye disease causes discomfort, visual problems and instability of the tear film, which is naturally 99% water. This tear film instability is especially dangerous for it can lead to damage of the ocular surface. In many cases in which the condition is not addressed, the end result can be blindness.

In a country the size of China, rampant dry eye disease is a serious matter. Kleyne shared that a major systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by The Department of Ophthalmology and the Department of Cardiovascular Ultrasound at The First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University concluded that 17% of the Chinese population suffers from dry eye disease. “We are working hard to shrink that percentage,” said Kleyne, who will not rest until dry eye disease is eradicated.