Rare Water Intoxication Almost Killed Actor Anthony Andrews

Actor Playing Professor Higgins Saw ‘Rain in Spain’ Stay Mainly in His Brain. Actor’s Love of Water Nearly Flushes Life & Career.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, has spent decades researching and teaching the importance of water supplementation of the body’s water vapor, yet even she was surprised to recall an incident in which water nearly became a deadly substance.

On this date, August 21st in 2003, acclaimed British actor Anthony Andrews almost perished as the result of a rare malady—water intoxication.

The history of professional theater is rich with brazen tales of thespians addicted to alcohol. But there is probably no tale more bizarre than Andrews’ addiction to water. Playing the iconic role of Professor Henry Higgins in the classic My Fair Lady in a production in London’s West End, Andrews regularly lubricated himself with copious amounts of H2O.

Temperatures were especially hot that summer and Andrews got in the habit of increasing his three-liters-a-day water habit to five or six liters a day. Frequently parched, he would rush back to his dressing room between songs to consume another half liter of water. On days when he had to give two performances (a matinee and an evening performance), Andrews probably drank as much as eight liters of water.

“In my naivety, I’d never have thought in a million years that I was running the risk of killing myself with water,” said Andrews. “I can hardly believe I am saying it. I thought I was the healthiest person in the world.”

He was almost the oddest person in the world, oddest because he nearly died of a water overdose. Signing autographs one evening after a performance, Andrews collapsed and was rushed to hospital. When he woke up three days later, his neck and face muscles were locked and he had trouble speaking. He’d also developed an in-hospital allergy, which further complicated his recovery.

Fortunately, Andrews did recover. Ever since, he has moderated his love of water, ruefully realizing that the old adage is true: too much of a good thing can even kill you.


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