Sharon Kleyne Wants You To Understand Moisture

What Does the Word ‘Moist’ Mean to You Asks Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne. Why Are Many People Troubled by the Words ‘Moist’ and ‘Moisture’?

Sharon Kleyne, water advocate and host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, is worried. In light of the current global water crisis that threatens all life, Kleyne is worried that people just are not taking seriously the issue of moisture. “Many people don’t understand the words moist and moisture,” Kleyne said.

Why is that?

In an article by Shaunacy Ferro in 2015, the author cited the response to a request published by The New Yorker. The magazine asked its readers to nominate a word that should be eliminated from the English language. The overwhelming response from more than 4 million readers was surprising. Get rid of the word ‘moist’.

Research psychologists from Oberlin College in Ohio and Trinity University in San Antonio conducted three experiments to find out how many people really hate the word ‘moist’ and why. Researchers discovered that more than 20 percent of the tested population hated the word, but not because of the way it sounds. Instead, their aversion had to do with their associating the word with bodily functions, especially sex. Perhaps even more surprising was the finding that the younger and more neurotic the respondent, the more likely they were to dislike the word.

In Kleyne’s view, this research highlights how much we need more and better education about moisture and evaporation. “The situation is becoming desperate,” said Kleyne. ”Earth is losing too much of its fresh water to sustain life, and individuals are suffering more illness as their body water dehydrates due to excessive evaporation.” Kleyne points out that moisture is a good thing. She wants people to understand that moisture doesn’t mean greasy creams or ointments; it means fresh water. Kleyne teaches that an individual’s body water vapor must be supplemented several times a day because it is always naturally evaporating. With allergies, climate change and pollution, body water vapor is evaporating faster than ever before. So is the life-giving water vapor in the earth’s atmosphere. Without that, we can’t breathe; if we can’t breathe, we can’t live.

That is why everyone, according to Kleyne, needs to get serious about moisture and evaporation education. We need to be moist and we need moisture. Yes, we had better start paying attention to earth’s and our body’s water supplies.


Would you like to share your thoughts about the words ‘moist’ and ‘moisture’? How about evaporation and water education? Would you be willing to take a water class? We would like very much to hear from you! You can reach us at 800-367-6478 ~ Fax 541-474-2123 or on Twitter at @sharonkleynehr


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