Anders Nilsson, Swedish Physicist, Writes Popular Spiritual Book

Swedish Professor Anders Nilsson Offers Two Decades of Water Research. Nilsson & Sharon Kleyne Discuss New Water Research Needs.

Anders Nilsson, Ph.D., is a professor of chemical physics at Stockholm University in his native Sweden, and a professor of photon science at Stanford University in California. Like water advocate and host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®,

Sharon Kleyne, Dr. Gerald Pollock, Dr. DeWayne Cecil and other internationally recognized water science researchers, Nilsson’s research has caught the attention of scientists and researchers the world over. Yet, he has also done something that most of his colleagues have not—he has written a well received spiritual book. The Gentle Way of the Heart appeared in 2014 and received a silver medal in the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards. In the book, Nilsson urges readers to consider holistic approaches to personal and societal health. “The medical profession knows how to treat many illness,” said Nilsson, “but it has largely given up the noble pursuit of finding cures.”

For twenty years, Nilsson has also studied the fundamental properties and structure of liquid water and chemical energy transformations on surfaces that are, for instance, related to artificial photosynthesis. The author and co-author of more than 300 scientific papers published in journals such as Science and Nature, Nilsson was one of the scientists featured in the 2014 television production about the oceans, Through the Wormhole by Morgan Freeman.

In his website for The Gentle Way of the Heart, Nilsson ”provides unique insights, exercises and meditations to launch you on a great spiritual adventure”. Nilsson believes that the spark of God resides deep within each of us and that our goal must be to get in touch with that divine energy, living moment-to-moment with forgiveness. In the process, one’s false self will dissolve and one’s true self will blossom like a beautiful flower. The book also promises more harmony and more love in one’s life.

It is always exciting to encounter a meeting of the spiritual and scientific minds. Such blending is at the core of holistic healing. Sharon Kleyne, for instance, is an advocate for holistic care. she is a practitioner of health practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong while teaching that “water should be our number one research priority.”


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