Liver Expert Gaughran & Kleyne Sharon Tip For Longer Life

Sharon Kleyne & Brendan Gaughran Discuss Health Issues Due to World Water Crisis. Sharon Kleyne Welcomes Liver Expert Gaughran to Radio Show.

Brendan Gaughran, President, Liver Medic Mobile Communication

There are many things that one can do to be more proactive about personal health and one of them is to pay attention to your liver. Your liver, which is 75 to 85 percent water, is part of your digestive system. Its many tasks include detoxification, protein synthesis and the production of chemicals that are necessary to digest your food. That is why Brendan Gaughran, President of Liver Medic Mobile Communication was delighted to meet with Sharon Kleyne recently on her radio show, the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®.

Gaughran has put in more than two decades working in healthcare, developing nutraceutical tools, medical devices and natural supplements to help people get well and not merely mask symptoms with an array of drugs. “The biggest problem in medicine today is all the seductive money in the pharmaceutical industry. Too many people are riding the money train,” said Gaughran.

“And there is nothing more important to health and life,” Kleyne added, “than water.”
Referring to the recent discovery of a brain-eating amoeba in the drinking water of two Louisiana districts and the ongoing problems with lead-contaminated water in Michigan, Kleyne criticized the United Nations and world elected officials who refuse to make water the number one infrastructure priority. “We don’t have enough fresh water on the surface of the planet,” said Kleyne “and we’re going to face dire consequences if we don’t address that.”

Gaughran, a research scientist trained in microbiology, explained that the liver “is a super important organ. It’s the major converter for energy,” Gaughran continued. “It detoxifies the body, maintains blood pressure (with the help of the kidneys) and regulates hormones, among other beneficial actions.” Gaughran described how the liver, which has no nerve endings, nevertheless signals areas of imbalance in the body by inducing pain.

Kleyne added that everyone should be asking this question on a daily basis: “are you drinking enough water?” Gaughran suggested that a person take his weight and divide by two, arriving at the number of ounces of water he should drink each day. Gaughran added that unlike the past when 76 percent of liver problems were alcohol-related, 75 percent of new liver issues today are related to pesticides and other toxins leeching into the water table. “Chemicals in agriculture and GMO production are causing terrific health hazards,” said Gaughran.

Gaughran believes that formulating products and helping people solve their health issues naturally is the wisest course to follow in health today. This includes adopting a healthy lifestyle diet, one that is largely free of salt and sugar. Gaughran recommended the new Fodnaps diet developed by researchers at Stanford University. Kleyne and Gaughran also urged listeners to breathe properly. This is often overlooked, but breathing properly is essential to better health. “Breathing properly changes the pH of your body for the better,” Gaughran concluded.


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