Global Water Educator Sharon Kleyne Knows Water Sustainability

Sharon Kleyne Teaches Water Sustainability on Radio Show Every Week. Life Is Impossible without Water Says Sharon Kleyne.

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne may know more about water than water knows about itself. Every week, her erudition is displayed on her nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Particularly at the beginning of each show, Kleyne likes nothing better than to take her listeners on “a little hike” back to the dawn of time. You don’t need a passport or an itinerary to make this journey; all you need is good listening skill and a desire to know. When you are ready, this is how it goes.

“Billions and billions of years ago in our living universe,” Kleyne begins, “a beautiful belt of blue substance hung tightly around the earth. This shimmering belt was made of water vapor (we call it atmosphere today). We’re not sure what,” Kleyne continued, “but suddenly something happened with earth and the universe and the water vapor changed. A process began that made the water vapor heavier and heavier until it turned to droplets and began to fall. The droplets—rain—fell and fell until the earth was inundated with fresh water. The planet’s atmosphere was also enriched, becoming charged with invisible water. This water inundation of earth,” said Kleyne, “combined with the sun’s rays, created life, including human life.” It’s this process, combined with the sun, that has always made life possible and has always sustained life on earth.

Next, the universe gifted planet earth with “the greatest miracle of all—human life”. According to Kleyne, the secret is the watery womb of all mothers. That water-world sustains and nurtures babies through their early developmental stages. When they emerge at birth, they immediately begin to breathe the life-giving water vapor in the air. “If you don’t breathe that water vapor,” said Kleyne, “you can’t sustain yourself.” This process has been true since the beginning of life on this planet.

This worked well for billions of years, but in our time and for the first time, the sustainability of water needs more than a little help from humans. Why? It’s because more fresh water is running off into the oceans where it can’t be used for agriculture or as drinking water. In addition, the precious water in the atmosphere is depleted by pollution. But Kleyne is no doom-and-gloom advocate. “People are here on earth to invent,” said Kleyne. “We’re problem solvers. Whatever your religion might be, you could say that God is in the water,” Kleyne continued. “Sustainability is how you keep up your prayer, you worship.”

What we need to do is slow down the evaporation process by capturing more rain water. Then we can allow a lot of it to seep down to replenish essential aquifers. Kleyne pointed out that our efforts must include repairs to existing infrastructure, new water research and new technology that makes water infrastructure a number one priority of governments and citizens alike.. “We need more dams and reservoirs,” said Kleyne, “and overall better systems to capture and direct water in appropriate amounts to where it is needed.”

Kleyne hopes that more and more people will join her on this necessary and exciting adventure to a new Water Life Science® lifestyle. Kleyne believes that we’re capable of making sure that there will be enough fresh water on earth for eternity.


Would you like to share your thoughts on water sustainability? On infrastructure? On eternity? If you do, we’d like very much to hear from you! You can easily reach us in the following ways. 800-367-6478 ~ Fax 541-474-2123 or on Twitter at @sharonkleynehr


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