Sharon Kleyne Wants Answers To Water Infrastructure Questions

Why Isn’t Water the #1 Infrastructure Priority, Sharon Kleyne Asks. The Time To Debate Water Infrastructure Is Over Says Sharon Kleyne.

World water research specialist Sharon Kleyne wants two simple questions answered. “Where is the new water infrastructure we so desperately need and why aren’t people, especially people in power, listening?”

Kleyne isn’t asking just anyone. She is asking our elected leaders and scientists. “We are in the midst of a life-and-death global water crisis,” said Kleyne “and politicians continue to evade and sit on their hands while researchers appear to be distracted, focusing on less important matters like the molecular structure of chewing gum.” Kleye is rightly alarmed and upset. “The water in earth’s atmosphere, that life-giving water, is rapidly over-evaporating and we’re taking no steps to stop it.”

Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health radio program on VoiceAmerica, sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, has studied climate change and is convinced it’s all because of this accelerated evaporation of the water in earth’s atmosphere. “We can turn this around,” says Kleyne, “by saving more of the fresh water that currently evaporates or runs off into the oceans.” Kleyne cautions that only two percent of the water on earth is fresh water and therefore drinkable by humans. “That is not a lot,” said Kleyne. “Despite what some unlearned people think, there is not an unlimited supply of water for the U.S., let alone the world’s population.”

What we need, according to Kleyne, is political leaders with integrity, strength and vision to request scientific plans that will lead to rejuvenating our country’s sagging infrastructure and focusing on water in the process. “Just look at Flint, Michigan as an example,” said Kleyne. “All of those lead water pipes need to be dug up and replaced, but they’re trying to give the citizens of Flint relief through half-measures such as treating contaminated water. Well, guess what? It’s not working. The water of Flint is still bad and will be until those pipes are replaced. We need a water champion,” said Kleyne, “and we need one fast.”

Kleyne, founder and director of Bio-Logic® Water Life Science® and a primary advocate of Water Life Science® knows that we possess the capacity for the necessary research and new water technology that will prevent water run-off, convert more ocean water to fresh water and more cheaply store water and provide energy (dams and reservoirs). “We need more education and more willpower,” said Kleyne “if we’re going to meet this challenge successfully. If we don’t, we will all eventually die, but not before we witness and take part in global wars for diminishing supplies of water.


Tell us what you think about water infrastructure. How worried are you that you’ll wake up one day soon and not have access to water for your family? What are your ideas? We would like to hear them! Please let us know.


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