Conaway & Kleyne Discuss America’s Declining Health

Conaway & Kleyne Agree America Is Sick & Getting Sicker. If You’re Sick It Just Might Be Your Own Fault.

Air Force Combat veteran Dr. Joanne M. Conaway, LTC, USAF Ret. and water advocate Sharon Kleyne have a lot to talk about when they get together as they did recently on Kleyne’s nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Conaway, also a former nurse and current Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy is the bestselling author of Why Is America So Sick?

According to Conaway, we have created a pharmaceutical culture that is interested in profits made from treating symptoms rather than finding cures and getting people well. “It’s all about ‘feel good now’, not get well,” said Conaway.

Kleyne agreed. “Emotionally,” said Kleyne, “the world is not disciplined. Consider infrastructure,” Kleyne continued. “Water should always be first, but our leaders around the world have yet to propose an infrastructure overhaul that puts water first.”

Conaway added that emotions drive certain behaviors. “Americans, for instance, love instant gratification. That’s why they eat too many carbs, sugars and processed foods.”

“When a person isn’t functioning well,” Kleyne added, “he craves sugar and that can lead to a craving for drugs.”

“It has all led to the demise of health,” said Conaway, and that’s why she retired from nursing. “In the last 19 years,” Conaway said, “I’ve helped many more people get well than I helped in my 40 years as a nurse.” Conaway focuses on the gut and diet with her clients and patients. “Bacteria imbalance in the gut makes us unhealthy,” Conaway said. In her book, Conaway shares 90 essential nutrients that the healthy human body needs. “There are more than 900 diseases linked to the lack of nutrients,” Conaway said. In addition to drinking lot of water, Conaway recommends eating lots of organic leafy green vegetables, some organic fruit (in moderation because fruit contains sugar) grass-fed beef, free-range chicken (not fed on grain!) and organic squash. Dr. Conaway also believes in supplementing this diet with essential oils and flower essences.

Conaway and Kleyne agree that water is at the center of health maintenance and sickness cures but that we all have far to go until we are well enough educated to be proactive with our own health and help others, too. At the same time, Conaway reminds us that our health care needs to have a deeper connection to nature and perhaps not so big a connection to pharmaceutical companies.

Kleyne recalled words of wisdom from long ago. “Remember the timeless quote sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte or Frederick the Great but most likely originating with Claudius Galen, chief physician to the Roam army: ‘An army marches on its stomach’.”

We invite you to read Dr. Conaway’s book, which you can find here:

We also invite you to listen to Dr. Conaway’s conversation with Sharon Kleyne here:

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