Dr. Chow Participates At Opening Of First Medical Qiqong International Museum In China

Chow, Hong & Kleyne Talk Qigong and Chinese Health. Global Dragon TV Exec & Dr. Chow Visit Kleyne’s Radio Program.

It seems impossible that there has never been an actual Medical Qigong International Museum in the world, but until very recently, that was exactly the case. How did that happen? After all, Qigong is perhaps the oldest practice in the world and has engaged trillions—not just billions—of practitioners. Was it just an oversight?

Whatever it was, Dame Dr. Effie Chow http://www.eastwestqi.com , an international Qigong Grandmaster, nationally licensed acupuncturist and registered public health & psychiatric nurse in California and Rose Hong, Executive Director of Global Dragon Television http://www.GlobalDragonTV.com were thrilled to meet in China as participants of the opening of the first of five medical Qigong international museums in the world. Recently, they shared their excitement with water advocate and Qigong practitioner Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®.

Dr. Chow explained how for thousands of years, the practice of Qigong has been the foundation for holistic health science in China. Formerly overlooked in much of the western world, Qigong has gained in popularity in western countries since the 1980s. In eastern lands, its popularity has never diminished. But this year, the opening of the first museum has brought the venerable practice even more attention. The first museum opened in China to pay tribute to famed Master Wang. Dr. Chow was one of a dozen international experts invited to exhibit and present while television and news producer Rose Hong and crew attended the opening and produced a film.

At Kleyne’s request, Dr. Chow, a frequent and favorite visitor to Kleyne’s radio program, explained the meaning and essence of Qigong. Dr. Chow, who has taught and treated an estimated 450,000 people worldwide in her forty-plus years of practice, explained that Qi means breath or life-force and gong means cultivating health with the breath. “No breath, no oxygen, you are dead,” said Chow. “It’s all about the balance of the Qi,” she continued. “It is arriving at health through your breath. However, without water moisture in the air there is no breath!”

“Human life depends on this water breath,” Kleyne added.

“Water is key to all natural health and medicine,” Hong said. “In the future, water will be more valuable than gold.” Hong, who described meeting Dr. Chow as a translator for a PBS documentary on Chow’s work, looks forward to the opening of four additional international Qigong museums.

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