How Kombucha Fulfilled One Boy’s Dream

GT Dave’s Kombucha Is the Choice Among Kombucha Purists. If You Want Real Kombucha, You Want GT Dave’s Kombucha.

When Dave was a boy, he helped his mother bottle their exclusive Kombucha in their home in Bel Air, California while his mother and friends worked to launch the business. From the beginning, they were committed to producing pure Kombucha unlike a lot of the popular products on the market today. Those products contain additives and sugar and other ingredients that are not natural or especially healthy for consumers.

Dave did not participate just because he was expected to. He quickly learned to use the product and love it and by the time he left his teens he was prepared to take over the daily management of operations. Dave became GT Dave of GTS Kombucha. Today, Dave is a bundle of positive energy as he hawks his family’s Kombucha far and wide, extolling the health benefits of probiotics especially as found in his company’s delicious beverages. Like his competition, Dave offers a variety of Kombucha flavors (lavender, cherry, peach, cranberry, lemon and raspberry among others), but his flavors are all natural. Nothing sugary or artificial goes into a bottle of GT Dave’s Kombucha.

Water advocate Sharon Kleyne, the leading global educator of new water research, water vapor of the earth and body and the effects of evaporation, is a fan of GT Dave’s Kombucha and she encourages people to try it. As Kleyne points out, Kombucha dates back to at least 221 BCE in China where it was known as the “tea of immortality”. Traditionally, it’s made of slightly sweetened tea (green, black or both) that ferments for a month or more while a mushroom-type blob floats on top. In fact, this is the most important ingredient of Kombucha. Known as a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) this healthy floating blob consumes the sugar, caffeine and tannic acids in the tea, creating a cocktail of live microorganisms.

These microorganisms are found in other fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and unpasteurized yogurt. Probiotics advocates insist that fermented foods aid digestion, discourage allergies, cancer and lower fatigue and stress. Probiotics are why organic apple cider vinegar is so good for you. There are even recent indicators that raw and fermented foods may improve the conditions of children with autism. GT Dave says that his goal is to combine the wisdom of ancient medicinal foods with the resources of the modern day to create products that uplift and enlighten the health of all those who enjoy them. Today, GT’s offers over 20 flavors of gluten-free, non-GMO Kombucha. Additional flavors include delicious natural ingredients such as turmeric, carrot and ginger.

“Probiotics promote life,” said Dave. “They’re the opposite of antibiotics, which kill living organisms. Through the process of fermentation, which is a way for food to preserve itself, probiotics are created naturally to boost our immune systems and aid digestion.” Kleyne encourages you to visit GT Dave’s website at


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