Bio-Med Wash® Stops The Burning & Bleeding

Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Says Bio-Med Wash® & Boats Are a Match. Sharon Kleyne Tells Boaters Don’t Cast off without Bio-Med Wash®.

Water Life Science® advocate Sharon Kleyne, host of the syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio program on Voice America, lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is no stranger to boating holidays. She’s also well aware of boating-related accidents minor and serious. That’s why she wants every boater to pack Bio-Med Wash® when they heed the call of the wild and head for that hidden lake among the tall timbers or the rushing headwaters of a surging river.

“I can speak from firsthand experience,” said Sharon Kleyne. “When you cast off or tie up, you’re in danger of suffering rope burns, and friends of mine have suffered some real stingers! Rope burns can hurt like the dickens! They can get infected, too, often because you’re having too much fun and you put off taking care of them. But don’t fall for that,” Kleyne insisted. “When a rope takes a bite out of you, make sure you can grab a can of Bio-Med Wash® for immediate relief.”

Created by Sharon Kleyne’s water research center at Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, Bio-Med Wash® is the first portable, non-saline, nonchemical, emergency eye, burn and wound wash product market-tested and released in markets worldwide. Its Trade Secret tissue culture grade water is the favorite, go-to remedy embraced by the military, burn centers, trauma centers, athletic teams, construction workers and hospitals everywhere. Fire departments and police departments love Bio-Med Wash®, and so do schools and people pursuing athletic activities. First responders adore Bio-Med Wash® and rely on it to clean their wounds and clear their eyes amidst the chaos of emergency situations.

Sharon Kleyne’s Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, which leads global water research and promotes a new water lifestyle, asks encourages you to stock up and use Bio-Med Wash®, the only Trade Secret tissue culture grade water that neither burns nor blurs and is not administered as droplets. Instead, Bio-Med Wash® treats the eye and skin with a painless, pure water spray from a personal, portable hand-held humidifier that is easy and fun to use. “Bio-Med Wash® is sterile water—no additives and no chemicals—that outperforms saline solutions and eye drops and their inevitable burning and blurring,” said Kleyne. “You won’t find another product like it on the market,” said Kleyne. “Bio-Med Wash® flushes out the wound. Then you can get back to enjoying your fishing or water skiing or just motoring around on the water.”


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