Sharon Kleyne & Heckenlively Concerned About Vaccinations & Autism

Water Leader Sharon Kleyne Welcomes Discusses Autism with Heckenlively. Sharon Kleyne & Heckenlively Ask What Role Vaccines Play in Autism.

Kent Heckenlively, author, editor, attorney, science teacher

Sharon Kleyne, America’s top water lifestyle educator, researcher and advocate recently met with autism health activist, author, science teacher and attorney Kent Heckenlively to talk about vaccines, autism, water evaporation and research for cures of water-related health problems.

Sharon Kleyne wanted to hear about Heckenlively’s dramatic evolution from successful attorney to autism health activist. “I try to educate people around the world every day about the growing global water crisis,” Kleyne said, “and the health dangers associated with dehydration due to excess evaporation of the earth’s water vapor. In doing so,” Kleyne added, “we learn how to create a new, healthy Water Life Science® lifestyle. So, tell me about your journey.” Kleyne also encouraged Heckenlively and others to visit for more information about this new water technology and water lifestyle.

Heckenlively began his story by recalling his early days as an attorney. He loved the law, yet he began to feel that his job was too often about finding out what people do wrong. “I decided that I was more a teacher than a prosecutor,” he said. Then Heckenlively dropped the bombshell. He revealed that the onset of autism in both of his children followed vaccinations. This led him to embark on a lifelong crusade to discover the truth behind the incredible rise in cases of autism in the last twenty years. Working with a whistle blower, a CDC scientist with the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Heckenlively discovered that scientists and researchers knew for years that vaccines were responsible for new cases of autism, but that they decided to suppress the facts in 2003—2004. Heckenlively’s firestorm book, Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism, turned on the lights, providing comfort and direction for countless agonized families that did not know why the nightmare of autism had befallen them. His book has also inspired new research and a new drive towards finding a cure for autism.

Sharon Kleyne, whose research and new water technology discoveries at the research center she founded, Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, have garnered international recognition for her as the global expert on dehydration of the eyes and skin due to excessive evaporation of the body’s water vapor, applauded Heckenlively’s efforts and compared the situation to the late nineteenth century. At that time, water research had been increasingly discouraged by many politicians, foundations and universities. “As a result,” Kleyne said, “our nation experienced a precipitous decline in the number of cures being discovered for a host of diseases and illnesses.” Kleyne pointed out that even though the situation has improved in the last couple of decades, we are still far from an optimal situation in which politicians and business leaders embrace the need to make water our number one infrastructure priority. “Until we do that,” Kleyne said, “we will continue to be imperiled by a global water crisis and the health hazards that arise as a result of it. This includes misguided research that develops vaccines that cause other horrible conditions like autism in children.”

Heckenlively enthusiastically agreed with Sharon Kleyne and praised her and her research center for the groundbreaking work they are doing in water supplementation and general health.


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