Sharon Kleyne & Kathleen Blizzard Calm Nutrigenomics & Water Storm

Sharon Kleyne Gets Together with Nutritionist & Dietitian Kathleen Blizzard to Radio Show. Sharon Kleyne Links Water & Nutrition.

For more than two decades, Sharon Kleyne’s research and new water technology discoveries at the research center she founded, Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, have garnered international recognition for her as the global expert on dehydration of the eyes and skin due to excessive evaporation of the body’s water vapor. “The moment we leave our mother’s water-womb and are born,” Kleyne says, “we begin a process of evaporation that continues until death. In order to sustain excellent health and live longer,” Kleyne continued, “one must supplement eyes and skin on a daily basis to replenish the evaporating water vapor.”

Registered Dietitian Kathleen Blizzard MS, RDN, CNSC and CLT ( couldn’t agree more. Blizzard is an enthusiastic proponent of Sharon Kleyne’s Water Life Science® lifestyle. “I learned about water early,” Blizzard said. “As a child, I suffered gastrointestinal illnesses and I had a terrible case of dry eye disease, which led to my first pair of glasses at age two. With these health issues and growing up in Iowa,” Blizzard went on, “I learned about the importance of drinking eight-to-ten glasses of water a day. I believe that really helped my intestinal issues.” After completing her education and establishing her practice, Blizzard, a lifelong athlete, discovered that she was slowing down but didn’t know why. She went in, she explained to Kleyne and radio listeners, for a series of tests, The results shocked her. They said she was diabetic and was very low in magnesium and zinc. “It was at that point,” Blizzard said, “that I realized I needed more micro-nutrients in my diet. I had to change the way I ate!”

To Sharon Kleyne’s questions about the steps she took to take charge of her personal health, Blizzard said that she cut out all processed and packaged foods. Formerly a vegetarian, she shifted to a high fat, low carb diet, and in no time at all she was energetic and fitter. “I believe,” said Blizzard, “that nutrigenomics is one of THE greatest health-optimizing skills on the planet, and everyone needs to learn it.” That is why Blizzard now devotes so much of her time to helping others grasp the benefits of the nutrigenomics system.

“And I know you’re also teaching people how to balance the system with correct breathing and water consumption, plus misting of the eyes and skin,” Kleyne added,

“Absolutely!” said Blizzard. “If you don’t replenish the water vapor you lose to evaporation, you will not be a well person.”

Sharon Kleyne, America’s leading water educator, researcher and advocate and host of her nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America to loved that Blizzard stressed the importance of education in these health matters. “I discovered long ago that one can accomplish very little without education,” said Kleyne. “I try to educate people around the world every day about the growing global water crisis, and the health dangers associated with dehydration due to excess evaporation of the earth’s water vapor. In doing so,” Kleyne said, “we learn what we need to know to create a new, healthy Water Life Science® lifestyle.” Kleyne encouraged listeners and other interested parties to visit for more information about this new water technology and water lifestyle.