Sharon Kleyne Exposes Cyber Bullies

Water Life Science® Advocate Sharon Kleyne Explores Cyber Bully Techniques. Radio Host Sharon Kleyne Cautions Cyber Bullies To Reform.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America, thinks that cyber bullies are all wet, and she wants them to dry up! Kleyne has a theory on why some cyber bullies have been picking on her and the research center she founded two decades ago, Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®. “I believe that the cyber bully’s interest in us,” Kleyne said, “is the result of our great success with a highly unlikely technology and product—water!” Kleyne also pointed out that bullies just want attention more than anything else, and they lack good judgment.

Sharon Kleyne, who created the first successful global company focusing exclusively on water, is internationally recognized as an educator, research leader and creator of new water technology. She also continues to lead efforts to educate people about the crisis of dehydration due to excess evaporation of the body’s water vapor. Now, Kleyne is expanding her efforts to fight bullies. “Bullies are like bad insulation,” Kleyne said. “They suck the life-giving water out of the air and pollute the atmosphere in business and in personal relationships.” But Kleyne believes that people are now waking up to this menace and beginning to act.

Sharon Kleyne, who has always been a cutting edge scientific researcher, educator and entrepreneur, believes that anyone—or any business—that achieves surprising and sustained success will also be slandered by people who like to push others around and perhaps make money from their bullying techniques. “I came along,” Kleyne said, “and shocked the experts who said you could never get a patent in water (we did) or develop and protect water technology IP (we did that, too, and continue to do it). Our research center,” Kleyne continued, “focused on three neglected areas of science and research: the body’s water vapor, life-giving water vapor in earth’s atmosphere and fresh water on the planet. We also study,” Kleyne concluded, “dehydration of water vapor and fresh water due to excessive evaporation.” As a result of their discoveries of new water technology, Kleyne and her research center have created a new Water Life Science® lifestyle. To learn more about this lifestyle and the technology behind it, Kleyne encouraged people to visit

Meanwhile, Sharon Kleyne has suggested on many occasions that seminars on bullying and cyber bullying should be developed and taught in schools, churches, businesses and organizations around the world. “Bullying and cyber bullying have become so pervasive in this digital, social media age,” Kleyne said, “that virtually no one is safe.” Perhaps even worse, bullies of corporate leaders might compromise the value and integrity of a company’s international IP and the security of the U.S. Kleyne sees this as a genuine threat, and she hopes that corporations and small businesses will find new ways to cooperate with each other and pull the plug on cyber bullies. “Anyone in corporate America has a responsibility to his or her company, its customers, backers and staff people to expose and blot out cyber bullies and their duplicitous behavior,” said Kleyne. Kleyne also urged everybody to write to their political representatives requesting legislation that would curtail the activities of cyber bullies.


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