Sharon Kleyne Says That Earth Is Too Dry

Water Life Science® Lifestyle Creator Sharon Kleyne Fights Dryness. Water Research Leader Sharon Kleyne Sounds Warns Against Dry Earth.

Sharon Kleyne has been the primary global opponent of Dryness for over two decades, and she has no intention of letting up now. Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America, sounds the alarm that our beautiful blue planet earth is drying up at a frightening rate. “I’ve conducted groundbreaking research, discovered new water technology and fought endless battles against dryness of the body and of the earth itself,” Kleyne says, “yet we are still in a perilous position when it comes to our ability to sustain life on this planet.”

“As fresh ground water and atmospheric water diminish,” says Sharon Kleyne, “and pollution runs rampant, precious, life-giving moisture fights a losing battle. It needs our help. When the atmosphere’s water vapor over-evaporates,” Kleyne continues, “the body’s defenses become compromised, threatening health with a laundry list of diseases and maladies.” Kleyne points out that dryness and evaporation lead to dry eye disease, allergies, skin conditions, organ stress and failure, sleeplessness, fatigue, cancer, diabetes and many other afflictions that will not only ruin your day but may eventually end your life.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, wants everyone to know that the solutions to our health problems lie in the water itself. “We have got to get the government to come up with plans and realistic timetables to protect surface water,” Kleyne says. “We can’t keep sitting on our hands while watching it runs right off into the oceans. We need to build up the water reserves below the surface, too” Kleyne adds, “so we can make sure that every child, woman and man has enough clean water.”

Sharon Kleyne is America’s leading water researcher and new water technology expert. She has taught millions of people around the world about earth’s water vapor (we cannot breathe without it) and the body’s water vapor (if we dry out too much, we die). Yet, she is frustrated by what she perceives as general apathy about the situation. “People have a tendency,” Kleyne said, “to say ‘oh, it’s only water’, but what do you think these same people will say when suddenly the water is gone?” Unless we act and act quickly, Kleyne fears that we may see international wars waged over water and water rights.

Sharon Kleyne wants people to get serious about this Doomsday scenario and their health, yet that is going to require a lot more training and awareness about water and all that it does for you and the natural world. “Remember that we are 70% to 75% water,” Kleyne says. “Our organs are mostly water; our skin is mostly water; the tear lenses of our eyes are 99% water! Without water supplementation,” Kleyne continues, “you can’t see; your organs can’t function, and you can’t breathe. You need that water vapor in the air to breathe.”

Sharon Kleyne insists that scientists must expand water research; that research will lead to new beneficial breakthroughs. Kleyne also looks to the schools, asking educators at all levels to develop curricula that will teach the technology of water to everyone. “We can’t afford to wait on any of this any longer,” Kleyne warns. “We’ve dragged our heels and been distracted for far too long.” Finally, Kleyne would like to see children organize and become much more active in new water technology. “No matter our age,” Kleyne concludes, “we need to step up and embrace a new Water Life Science® lifestyle. It’s exciting, and it is necessary.”


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