Sharon Kleyne Endorses Dr. Tefft’s Blood Testing For Longer Life

Water Researcher Sharon Kleyne Promotes Blood Tests for Health. Water Life Science® Advocate Sharon Kleyne Sees Blood Testing as Useful Indicators.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, sees the new technology of blood tests and in-depth analysis as the wave of the not-too-distant future. Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice of America, recently received updates on this new technology from radio guest Dr. Gregory H. Tefft, Chief Science Officer at Arbor Vitae Nutrition.

Weider Publications calls Dr. Tefft “The Mind-Body Connector”. According to Sharon Klyene, he is the world’s leading expert in personalized nutrition. He is also a triple-crown Natural Mr. America bodybuilding title holder and an internationally celebrated bio-nutritionist, wellness practitioner, author and speaker. Kleyne, America’s leading water research technology expert, has dedicated much of her life to educating earth’s population about the planet’s water vapor (we cannot breathe without it) and the body’s water vapor (if we dry out too much, we die). Together, Kleyne and Tefft agree that solutions to illness can also be found in nutrition because major health problems are diet-related.

“The real potential from improved diet is preventative,” says Tefft, “in that it may defer or modify the development of the disease state. Proper nutrition lessens disease probabilities. Better health, a longer lifespan, greater satisfaction from work, family and leisure time,” Tefft adds, “are some of the core benefits from improved nutrition.”

Sharon Kleyne notes that these benefits are similar to those that come from a healthy relationship with water. “To be healthy,” Kleyne says, “one needs to learn how to breathe properly and practice it. In this way, one gleans the highest benefits from the life-giving water vapor in the air. One also needs to drink eight-to-ten glasses of water a day to supplement one’s body water and guard against dehydration caused by excessive evaporation.”

Tefft agrees that adequate water supplementation and consumption work hand-in-hand with the new technology of personalized nutrition. Tefft contends that self-improvement begins by understanding six new (scientifically validated) concepts. He calls these Reality Checks: 1) You Are What You Retain from What You Eat; 2) No Two People Are the Same; 3) No More One-Size-Fits-All; 4) You Have To Know, Not Guess about Your Own Nutrition; 5) You Have To Be into Your Own Personalized Science Event in Order To Fix Yourself Metabolically and Genetically; 6) You Become Your Own Success Story by the Choices You Make.

One of the most exciting new tools to help people reach these reality checks, according to Sharon Kleyne, is the blood testing that she and Tefft recommend at Arbor Vitae Nutrition. “Imagine,” says Kleyne, “if you could have a blood test, and from its results, discover all of the overloads and deficiencies you have in your body?”

Tefft agrees.”Where before this kind of blood work was cost prohibitive,” Tefft says, “it is rapidly becoming affordable. In fact,” he adds, “we work more and more with patients from the foundation of the comprehensive blood test. It shapes the nutrition program we design for each individual.”

Sharon Kleyne and Tefft urge everybody to visit the Arbor Vitae Nutrition website at and learn about the health-rich programs and options offered there. You can even take a first test there to receive a preliminary report on your body’s mineral make-up and its personal needs. Readers of this Blog article can use this special code: C203A1006 for a discount on additional on line and real life benefits.

“Your health is your own,” says Sharon Kleyne, “and it’s smart to learn all you can about it. That includes finding out what you may be doing wrong. Doesn’t it make sense to make good use of this latest scientific technology and get healthier in the process?”


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