Sharon Kleyne Says Cataracts Challenge Healthy Vision

Cataracts: the #1 cause of blindness. Sharon Kleyne Warns That Cataracts and Aging Can Go Hand in Hand.

“Do you know,” says water advocate Sharon Kleyne, “that the number of people suffering from visual impairment exceeds the total population of the United States? That’s right, the total population!” The World Health Organization released figures not long ago documenting that 285 million people (more than the entire population of the United States!) are visually impaired. Almost 40 million are blind. “Yet,” says Kleyne, ”80 percent of visual impairments can be prevented or cured.”

“Of course,” says Sharon Kleyne, “the quickest way to cure your visual ailments is to educate yourself about your eyes and eye care.” Sharon Kleyne, Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Center founder, visionary creator of Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® and host of The Sharon Kleyne Hour Radio Talk Show –, considers the daunting global statistics above and urges everyone to have their eyes examined for cataracts. She also encourages people everywhere to educate themselves about this particular serious threat to vision.

Cataracts occur, especially in people over the age of 40, when protein in the eye’s natural lens (between the iris and the pupil) clumps together and creates a cloudy condition. Not only is it the main cause of blindness in the world, according to Prevent Blindness America (PBA), there are more global cases of cataracts than there are of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration combined. After age 40, cataracts affect more than 22 million Americans each year, and PBA projects that by 2020—just a little more than three years from now—more than 30 million Americans will suffer from cataracts. Cataract symptoms may include blurred vision—as if you were looking through a cloudy glass—dull colors, glaring headlights when you drive at night, or sunlight that seems so bright it hurts.

Yes, in practical terms, cataracts can be dangerous to others, too. Imagine the head-on collisions and side-swiping savagery awaiting the cataract-afflicted who have not given up driving. Think of the man last year who plowed into a school bus, or the one that knocked a child off his bicycle and into a ditch. These were cataract-related accidents, and more happen every day.

The three known types of cataracts include: subcapsular cataract, which occurs at the back of the lens (people with diabetes and people taking large doses of steroids have the greatest risk), nuclear cataract, which takes shape deep in the lens’s nucleus and is most often associated with aging and cortical cataract, which occurs in the lens cortex and is identified by white opacities in the shape of wedges that seem to begin in the periphery of the lens and work inward to the center in a spoke-like design.

Sharon Kleyne, for decades a leading voice in eye and skin care using tissue culture grade water to supplement the eyes and skin’s water vapor loss through evaporation, encourages every person on earth to take responsibility for her own eye care before it is too late. “Eyes and skin are constantly assaulted,” Kleyne says, “by dehydration and depletion of earth’s water vapor due to pollution and climate change. Dry Eye Syndrome, allergies and respiratory conditions lead directly to cataracts and blindness.”

A unique, preventative safeguard against cataracts can be found in Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®’s Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® and its personal hand-held humidifying device emitting a pure, pH balanced, 100% water mist for rehydrating eyes. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is endorsed by more than 22,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists nationwide and was successfully test-marketed in more than 70,000 outlets.

The new research at Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® suggests that a future in which the affliction of cataracts is greatly diminished is on the horizon, “but it will take more research and better education to get us there,” says Kleyne. Preventative measures such as regularly using Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® can make all the difference.

“You only have two eyes,” Sharon Kleyne reminds us, “and they are almost completely made of water. If you want to see clearly, and who doesn’t, you must be hydrated! Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, do breathing exercises and mist your eyes with our pure, culture grade Trade Secret fresh water.”


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