Water Health Advocates Sharon Kleyne & Dr. Effie Chow Share Water and Health Wisdom

Sharon Kleyne, the world’s Water Life Science® leader and Dr. Effie Chow www.eastwestqi.com, internationally celebrated energy healer and humanitarian, have been close friends and science allies for many years. Recently, the two women met to discuss Dr. Chow’s long career and the progress of global health and water research. Whenever the colleagues meet, their conversation is spirited; the recent exchange was no exception as they discussed their latest research in water, diet, exercise, Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, especially when integrated with western medicine.

Sharon Kleyne, host of The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health radio program, noted that Dr. Chow wears many hats. She is a Qigong Grandmaster, energy healer, acupuncturist, humanitarian, international speaker, Futurist and Visionary. Noting that Chow was knighted in 2008, Kleyne praised Dr. Chow’s long history as a major alternative healer around the world.

With equal graciousness, Dr. Chow looked back on their frequent co-creative, collaborative efforts. “Your interest in water,” said Effie Chow to Sharon Kleyne, “is mine as well. Moisture (water) is the primary essence in our lives. Without water, we die.”

“Our atmosphere is drying up,” Sharon Kleyne added. “We’re seeing people dehydrated because they aren’t drinking enough water or misting to replenish the rapidly evaporating water vapor of their bodies.”

Asked by Sharon Kleyne how she became inspired to integrate traditional Chinese and western medicine. Dr. Chow referred to a time shortly before her birth. “I was a rebel from the very beginning, even in my mother’s womb,” Chow said. “My parents were living in Canada, but I refused to be born there. I had to be born in China.” Dr. Chow’s family was steeped in ancient Chinese medicine, and her father, whom she adored, encouraged her studies. When her father became ill and died, Chow felt that medicine at the time abandoned him. “Fifteen years later,” she said, “he might very well have lived.” Thus inspired, Chow vowed to master the ancient healing arts, and that led her to her mastery of Qigong.

When asked, as she often is, to define the practice of Qigong, Dr. Chow explained that Qigong itself is the basis for all Chinese medicine. “Qigong,” Chow said, “is a non-confrontational series of energy-breath exercises. Qigong teaches you to tune in and listen to the energy of your body. It teaches you to ‘feel’ your energy system, your lymph system, your nervous system. Qigong teaches that you are not just a kidney. Every cell is connected. That is why you and I are connected to every other living being on earth, and to the wider universe as well.”

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, hopes everyone learns that the water vapor keeps you alive. Kleyne said that people should do all they can to slow down their body’s water evaporation, and Chow and Kleyne agreed that means drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day and learning to breathe properly. “85% of the people in the world don’t know how to breathe,” said Dr. Chow, who shared an effective breathing exercise for those who breathe from their shoulders up. “You must breathe from your diaphragm,” said Chow, “not from your neck and shoulders.”

“And one must also slow down the evaporation process,” said Sharon Kleyne. “Live longer. Be healthier,” Kleyne added. “Many people don’t understand this key point: water has energy, even the water in their bodies; as one ages, the body’s water vapor evaporates much more quickly.”

“Also,” said Chow, it is wise to integrate into one’s life a lifelong practice, such as I have done with Qigong,” Chow described how she had ‘died’ three times in 2015 during medical procedures, but had come back thanks to her deep Qigong practice.

“That’s a wonderful example of taking responsibility for your own personal health,” said Sharon Kleyne.


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