Cascade Mountain Spring Water and Drinking Water

Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Supports Cascade’s Water for Life. Natural Spring Water, Purified Water and Tap Water.

While India and Pakistan, historic, antagonistic neighbors that have nevertheless managed to share six crucial rivers (water sources) since 1960 engage in a debate about ending the Indus Rivers Treaty, a small designer water company in Oregon is providing a global model of water use responsibility and efficiency.

Water Life Science® advocate Sharon Kleyne and host of The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio program, interviewed the Risser family, founders of Cascade Mountain Spring Water, on her radio show of September 19th, 2016, and she commended them on the positive impact they are having on the region’s health. “We’re not talking about it enough,” said Kleyne, “but just like India, Pakistan and other countries, we in the U.S. are dealing with a real water crisis.” Our crisis isn’t so much about broken treaties as it is crumbling infrastructure and inadequate water research. Sharon Kleyne and the Rissers agreed that water should be the cornerstone of a national infrastructure plan and health plan. Declaring this need, Sharon Kleyne referenced the recent crisis in Flint, Michigan where hundreds of thousands of residents have been made sick by contaminated river water and lead leeched into tap water by aged water pipes. Wyatt Risser, son of Bill and Delora Risser and the current CEO of Cascade Mountain Spring Water, added that it’s a shame that tap water in the U.S. is becoming increasingly unsafe for human consumption.

That is why there is more need than ever for drinking water alternatives, and the Rissers were happy to discuss the virtue of natural spring drinking water, and how it compares to tap water and purified water. When Sharon Kleyne asked what made the water special, Delora pointed to its PH value of 7.8—ideal for healthy human drinking water. “Water is always trying to get back to its natural state,” Wyatt added, “and our water is just about as natural as any water can be. It’s cleaner by far than regular tap water, yet it retains the essential nutrients that purified water boils away.”

The Rissers, relative newcomers to the vast, global business of bottled water, returned to Delora’s hometown of Butte Falls, Oregon, where they had a small water store. The attraction, besides the natural beauty of Butte Falls, was a natural spring pouring out of the hillside and down the mountain. It is there, in one discreet building, that Cascade Mountain Spring Water is bottled in attractive glass containers with no plastic parts. “Our glass water bottles are 100% recyclable,” said Wyatt, who also credited his father, “the water guru,” for getting the company going. “My father got the facility up to speed and running,” Wyatt said, “and his collection of antique water bottles gave us the idea to use glass-only containers for our water.”

Admiring the bottle itself, Kleyne asked about its distinctive, etched angel wings. “It’s an homage to the history of Butte Falls and the region,” said Wyatt. “Every year,” Wyatt continued, “a snow patch taking the shape of an angel’s wings conspicuously remains on the side of Mt. McLoughlin until late summer. To Native Americans, the wings were the sign that it was time for berry-picking and harvesting.”

Sharon Kleyne encouraged people to seek out and try Cascade Mountain Spring Water. She repeatedly asks everyone to remember that we live together on planet earth as a family, and that our lives depend on water. “In the beginning, earth was surrounded by water vapor, which eventually fell to earth as rain,” said Kleyne. “The water came down with the rhythm of the solar system, and it came down with the breath of life. There is nothing more magical than water; and life thanks to water.”

The Rissers agree with Kleyne, the founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, that water research should be the number one focus for all current and future infrastructure. “Please keep in mind,” said Kleyne, “that our organs, skin, blood and bones are mostly water. The eyes are 99% water; the brain is 80-85% water; the liver is 80% water; blood is 50% water; bones are 20% water, and so on. All of us begin life in a water environment—a mother’s water-womb. When we emerge from that womb, the water vapor in the atmosphere keeps us alive.” Sharon Kleyne has for more than thirty years researched water and focused on supplementing the human body’s loss of water through evaporation.

Sharon Kleyne has also been a tireless supporter of replenishing earth’s aquifer, as well as tapping the resource of natural springs for a healthy supply of drinking water. The Risser family at Cascade Mountain Spring Water is on board with that, and all the beneficial efforts of the Rissers and Sharon Kleyne could serve as a healing, useful model for Indian and Pakistani officials struggling to find a viable solution for their own critical water woes.


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