Water Conservation Education and Global Fresh Water Supply

Educating Leaders, Applied Science, Fresh Water Supply and Water Conservation in China

On September 26, 2011, Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show, interviewed DeWayne Cecil, PhD, Western Region Climate Services Director for NOAA. They discussed alarming trends in the global fresh water supply, educating global leaders on the subject, the need for applied science, and fresh water supply and water conservation in China

The interview may be heard on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network, Apple iTunes, sponsored by Nature’s Tears EyeMist.

Dr. Cecil talked about projects through the Western Region Climate Services Department to educate Western Governors on the water supply crisis. His office also initiates and supports programs to educate teachers and to attract the next generation of applied science professionals and Earth science professionals.

Dr. Cecil has concluded that Earth’s climate is changing and is undergoing a warming and drying trend that is creating dry air and global fresh water shortages. Mrs. Kleyne believes that fresh water and dry air are the most important issues connected with global climate change.

Dr. Cecil suggests that the biggest problem is a rapidly growing Earth population competing for a fixed global water supply. Sharon Kleyne agreed, noting that the Earth’s human population grew by 1,481,350 in the past week and is now 6,964,550,515 (As of November 15, it had passed the seven billion mark). Earth’s population is expected to reach nine billion by 2050.

According to Dr. Cecil, Earth’s fixed fresh water supply can support a half-billion people in a “Western Style” lifestyle. It certainly can’t support seven billion.

The United States and China, Dr. Cecil explained, are about equal in land area. China has about four times the population (300 million versus 1.3 billion).

China has 200 cities with populations over a million. The US has nine (New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and Dallas).

China has no water policy and no energy policy. Most of its major rivers are badly polluted and not a viable fresh water supply source. Most of China’s fresh water is in the south.

Dr. Cecil believes that fresh water supply issues can be resolved in both the United States and China. He believes that humans are much better at reacting to crises than planning for a crisis.

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