Fresh Water and Correct Qi Breathing Are Keys to Health

For decades, radio host Sharon Kleyne has advocated drinking fresh water to maintain health. This view is backed by most physicians. In a recent interview with Effie Chow, PhD, Kleyne discovered a surprising new reason why water is the key to good health. According to Chow, to maximize water’s beneficial effect, correct Qi breathing is also necessary.

Effie Chow was born in China and grew up in a traditional family. After moving to the United States, she became a registered nurse. Although she supported Western medical practice, she concluded that traditional Chinese medicine, particularly Qi-Gong, had enormous potential value in maintaining health. Dr. Chow is Founder of the East-West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco, has authored several books, and in 2000, served on President Clinton’s White House Conference on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

The globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show, with host Sharon Kleyne, is heard on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. Kleyne is Founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research, a fresh water, atmosphere and health research, and product development center. Natures Tears® EyeMist®, a 100% pure water mist, is the Research Center’s global signature product for dry eyes. Effie Chow is a frequent Sharon Kleyne Hour guest.

In Qi-gong, according to Chow, water is one of the “Five Elements of Life.” The others are earth, water, fire and metal. Qi-Gong philosophy teaches that each element controls a different part of the body and a different emotion, and that water is the element that integrates all other elements and prevents dehydration.

Air is not considered an element of life, Chow explains, because air is everywhere and cannot be isolated. To benefit health and the human body, says Chow, each of the five elements requires air, liquid water, and atmospheric water vapor. In other words, they all need to breathe. Sharon Kleyne has long taught that water on Earth is the “Breath of Life.”

Qi-Gong, which means “controlling the life force,” according to Chow, teaches that the balance of life elements in the human body is a microcosm of the balance of elements in the universe. That appears to supports Sharon Kleyne’s belief that water on Earth affects the entire universe.

Correct breathing, according to Chow, should be done from the diaphragm. The air should be clean and pure and the body relaxed and erect. Slowly breathe in as much air as possible, while extending the diaphragm outward. The diaphragm is located at the bottom of the ribs in the center of the chest. Then slowly exhale and relax the diaphragm. Do this exercise ten times a day.

Regarding, water, according to Kleyne, drink at least eight glasses a day in addition to all other fluid intake. The water should be clean and pure but not distilled, and with no additives. Drink at least half the water in gulps rather than sips. For maximum absorption, the water should be at room temperature or warmer.

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