Sharon Kleyne Announces All-Natural Nutrition Is Not Always Good Nutrition

Not Every Natural Food Is Good for Everyone Says Water and Nutrition Educator Sharon Kleyne

A widely accepted belief, in the United States in recent decades, has been that “Natural foods are always good for you.” Global water and nutrition advocate and educator Sharon Kleyne recently cautioned that this belief is not always true and that not all natural foods are good for everyone.

To Kleyne, the key to good personal nutrition is proactive personal education. It is especially important, says Kleyne, to carefully research (both pro and con) fad diets and very limited diets, before undertaking them.

People whose ancestry originated in the Arctic, Kleyne notes, tend to have a very high tolerance for fat and animal protein and a completely vegan diet might not be as well suited for them as the same diet would be for somebody else.

Mrs. Kleyne suggests following when making food choices.

  • Overall, fresh, locally grown organic foods are preferable to manufactured or “enhanced” foods.
  • Everyone is genetically different and some people have a greater need for certain nutrients. Climate, activity level, age, health and medication can also affect your nutritional needs.
  • Nobody knows you better than you do. Only you can determine if you have a greater need for one type of food and less of a need for another type of food.
  • Your best bet, nutritionally, is almost always to eat a wide variety of natural foods. Be especially cautious of limited diets such as all lettuce or all carbohydrate.
  • Water is a nutrient so be sure to include an adequate amount of water in your diet (the need for water varies among individuals and we all dehydrate differently).
  • There is nothing more important to health than diet and nutrition. Nutrition education should be an ongoing lifelong process for everyone. Earth is changing every day.

Sharon Kleyne is Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research and longtime host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show.


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