Sharon Kleyne on Preventing and Reversing Coronary Artery Disease

Interview with author Caldwell Esselstyn, MD,about Heart Disease and Plant Based Diets

Coronary artery disease, the world’s number one cause of death, can be prevented or reversed with a plant based diet. That was the conclusion of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn in an interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour, April 9, 2012. Esselstyn is author of Prevent and Reverse Hearth Disease (Avery Trade, 2008).

In 1984, Dr. Esselstyn began a study of 24 patients with advanced coronary artery disease. Patients were placed on a strict plant based diet and monitored for 20 years. Not one person who followed the diet experienced a cardiac event. Angiograms revealed an almost complete reversal of coronary artery plaque buildup.

Esselstyn’s heart health diet avoids the following foods: (1) Red meat. (2) Poultry. (3) Fish. (4) Dairy products (any product containing “caseinate”). (5) Eggs and egg substitute. (6) All oils, including olive and canola oil. (7) Fruit juice. (8) Nuts. (9) Avocados. (10) Coconuts. Eat only whole grains, with no refined flour or white rice. Soy products should not be overly processed or heavy in oil and salt. Good heart health foods include virtually all fruits and vegetables, whole grains and tubers (potatoes).

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