Sharon Kleyne Hour Talks about Defeating Dictators through Social Media

Interview with Former CIA Intelligence Analyst Fredrick Fleitz

Why do North Korea and Iran believe that provoking the United States “strengthens” their standing in the world? That was the question posed by former CIA intelligence analyst Fredrick Fleitz, on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water talk radio show of April 23, 2012.

According to Fleitz, it all comes down the psychology of totalitarianism. Fleitz noted that social media is making it more difficult for the world’s oppressive regimes to operate in isolation. Iran attempted to set up its own Internet and China originally outlawed Facebook. But it was still possible to link to the US Internet from Iran and China, even in their own languages.
North Korea, said Fleitz, recently spent $800,000,000 on a failed ICBM rocket project; money that could have gone to feeding its people. The 240,000 tons of food shipped by the United States to North Korea most likely went to the North Korean military or was sold for profit.

What is the psychology behind this seemingly illogical behavior? According to Fleitz, North Korean is driven largely by the massive ego of Kim Jong-Un. He and other dictators mistakenly believe that provoking the United States weakens our morale, intimidates us and causes social unrest. This, in turn, strengthens the dictator’s standing among other rogue states while diverting attention from their failing economy. In dealing with the United States, Republican or Democrat, or differing foreign policy approaches, makes no difference.

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