Sharon Kleyne Hour Presents Food Quality Education to Save Lives

Interview with Food Quality Activist Carol Grieve

When you reach for a bottle of olive oil in the store, says food quality activist Carol Grieve, speaking on the Sharon Kleyne on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio show of December 3, 2012, you should be aware that the product might be mislabeled and/or adulterated and that you might not obtain the full nutritional benefits of pure olive oil. Make this mistake every day for 50 years and it could shorten your life.

Grieve noted that  85% of “Extra Virgin” olive oil sold in the United States is fraudulently labeled. Most US olive oil is highly processed, contains artificial coloring and may contain canola or safflower oil. These are nowhere near comparable to true Extra Virgin olive oil, the healthiest food oil there is.

Also of concern to Carol Grieve is the inhumane treatment of animals, especially “crated pork.” This refers to the practice of raising pigs who spend their entire lives being force-fed in a square box with no room to move. The meat is tender but the animal can’t possibly be healthy.

“Who dreams these things up?” Sharon Kleyne wondered.

Sharon Kleyne and Carol Grieve recommend dark green leafy vegetables for vision and heart health, and in-season produce grown locally. Grieve observed that frozen vegetables are preferable to canned vegetables that have been boiled, usually have added sodium and may pick up unwanted chemicals during the canning process. Neither Sharon Kleyne nor Carol Grieve recommends energy drinks such as Red Bull, which contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine. In addition to stressing the heart, they are also dehydrating.

The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water is broadcast live on Mondays, 10 a.m., PST/PDT. The syndicated radio talk show is heard on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. For more information about Sharon Kleyne, Bio Logic Aqua Research and Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® go to For a written summary and on-demand podcast replay of Sharon Kleyne’s December 13, 2012 interview with Carol Grieve, go to

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