Sharon Kleyne Hour Guest Says U.S. Food Quality Becoming Lower

Protect Your Health by knowing Your Foods

To feed a rapidly growing world population, agricultural scientists are constantly developing new technologies, including genetic modification (GMO). As a result, according to Carol Grieve, food quality may be suffering. Grieve, and water advocate Sharon Kleyne, concur that the most practical way to make sure your food is nutritious is to proactively educate yourself about what you’re eating and how it was produced.

Carol Grieve, a well known talk radio show host, food educator and food quality consultant, was interviewed on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water talk radio show on December 3, 2012.

Grieve’s greatest concern is genetically modified (“GMO”) foods, whether animal or vegetable. Genetic modification, she explains, reduces nutritional quality by decreasing the natural potential for genetic variation essential for plant health, adaptation and survival. Genetically modified corn produces an extremely high yield, is more disease resistant and less expensive, and may even taste better. However, due to legal issues, GMO corn is still mostly used as feed. The problem is that when consumed by livestock (chickens, for example) GMO corn can impact the quality of any meat produced.

The bottom line is that we need to read food labels, particularly ingredient labels, and know what all the listed additives are (such as “guar gum”), which ones are good for you, which are neutral, and which may not be good for you (nitrate and nitrite).

The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water is broadcast live on Mondays, 10 a.m., PST/PDT. The syndicated radio talk show is heard on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. For more information about Sharon Kleyne, Bio Logic Aqua Research and Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® go to For a written summaries and/or on-demand podcast replays of the December 3, interview with Carol Grieve, go to


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