The Many Uses and Benefits of Lavender and Essential Lavender Oils

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed Jim Dierking, of Liberty Natural Products and Oregon Lavender Farms, on the uses and natural benefits of lavender and lavender based essential oils.

Lavender, according to Sharon Kleyne and Jim Dierking, is a genus in the Mint Family consisting of 39 aromatic flowering plant species. The genus grows worldwide but English Lavender is most common.

Lavender is used in floral arrangements, high quality honey and food flavorings. Essential oil from natural lavender are used in aromatherapy (as a relaxant), balms, salves, fragrances and cosmetics. Lavender oil is used medically as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Lavender oil has many traditional folk uses for sleep, insect bites, and much more.

A few individuals may be allergic to lavender oil and it should not be used by breast feeding or pregnant woman, or by young boys as it is believed to possibly inhibit androgen production.

Sharon Kleyne encourages a small amount of lavender flavoring to make water palatable, is the same way that a small twist of lemon is now used.

Oregon’s thriving organic natural lavender industry, according to Jim Dierking, began in 2001 when 25,000 lavender plants were purchased by Liberty Natural Products from a grower in Albany, NY. Harvesting began in 2002. Flowers are pruned off and utilized and there are two cutting per year.

Liberty Natural Products and Oregon Lavender Farms have become a major bulk supplier of essential lavender oil. The company is a sponsor of the annual Clakamas County Lavender Festival, along with local wineries. The festival features lavender flavored cookies, ice cream, lemonade and chicken.

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Jim Dierking’s website: .

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