Lifestyle and Naturopathic Medicine

Paul Blake, ND (Maung Phetchabun, Thailand), “Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine.”

Dr. Paul Blake is an American Naturopathic Physician who has lived in Thailand for the past two years (He offered no reason for this and was not asked). Until his mid-40’s, he lived in the US and worked in construction, following the typical US diet of red meat, soda and refined foods.

He began experiencing problems with energy level, digestion, aches and pains and loss of appetite. He notes that digestive problems are a common early symptom indicating the need for a major lifestyle change. After rejecting the “pill theory” of medicine as in effective and harsh, he began exploring other avenues. Many alternative medicines found to be too quirky. But he was greatly attracted to logic and simplicity of Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine (“Whatever you are doing, if it isn’t working, do the opposite”).

Samuel Thompson lived before the Civil War and his theories were in reaction to the harsh medicines of the day (laudanum, mercury, nightshade, etc.). He became a successful herbalist.

Dr. Blake’s Health basics: Be sure to balance acidic and alkaline foods. Your body is alkaline so you need more of the latter. Algae and kelp are excellent for this. Cancer does not like an alkaline environment.

Cleansing is also important. Again, drink lots of water and take long, steamy baths. Remember that you detoxify more through the skin than through other elimination processes. Dr. Blake recommends a skin brush.

Herbs are excellent nutrition. Fortunately, the most poisonous natural foods are also the least palatable so it is difficult to poison yourself. Sharon suggests that you find a good herb store and someone in that store who is highly knowledgeable. Education is critical.

When Dr. Blake gets up, he drinks water (he agrees with Sharon that a significant percentage of your daily water intake should be pure water). He eats only fruit in the a.m. (mangoes and pineapple). At noon, he eats vegetables, usually a raw salad with olive oil and vinegar.

(Alternative medicines and therapies; diet and nutrition; health and wellness; herbal therapies; naturopathic medicine; 2010) March 15, 2010


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